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Every Odys domain is a ready-made business platform in and of itself. But it doesn’t mean it’ll do everything without your effort. That is, you get all the necessary assets for turning a domain like this into a blooming business and you have to understand how to handle and operate them to turn it into a pot of gold.

Doug Cunnington of Niche Site Project is one of the best people to help you out. As always, he selected 4 Odys domains, explored them, and provided his expert advice for their prospective growth. Take your time to stroll through Doug’s growth blueprints below.

If you already have a SaaS tool that serves this market, you are a Google Ads pro, or can outsource services to those that are, then this could be the site for you.

There are so many info and how-to topic ideas around running ads. You could also branch out and talk about broad marketing ideas too. Then, you could promote relevant digital courses as an affiliate. There are so many courses that cover ads and the ever changing landscape of ads.

Alternatively, if you are an expert in the area, you could host a course on running Google ads for those in the eCommerce space who do not have the money to pay for an expert. Or run a membership program where people can sign up for ongoing tips and tricks for effectively running their ads. There are plenty of topics to be covered, from keyword research to writing copy that converts.

Information articles directed to your target audience will help drive traffic to the services that you choose to offer.

For me, this would become a directory of videographers, and photographers. I would build out a series of informational articles about why you need a video of your wedding. I would then build up a directory list of videographers by State/County. 

You could either charge people to be part of this directory month on month basis, or you could run lead generation to their sites and charge a commission per lead. 

Once you’re established, you can branch out into other areas such as wedding planning, caterers, and so on. 

You could also sell courses on how to set up a business as a wedding <insert job here>. 

You could also sell courses as an affiliate on how to set up a business as a wedding photographer or videographer. I personally just signed up for a portrait photography course so I know there are countless courses on the topic.

And you could be an affiliate promoting editing software and photo/video equipment (cameras, lenses, lighting, reflectors, tripods, etc. etc…) so there’s no shortage of products.

There are two viable options for this site for me. 

  • If you already offer training to persons to become massage therapists, this could be the perfect site for you to showcase your business.
  • You could set this site up as lead generation to direct interested parties to people who offer massage (and associated) training in their area. 

To accompany either, I would rebuild the pages that are attracting the high authority links, and add informational and affiliate articles to the site. These could cover topics from what insurance you need to operate, the best booking and bookkeeping software, to the best essential oils to relax your clients. 

If you already have a site in the massage space, this is a perfect addition to add a huge amount of authority. Plus, you can probably add more content and ways to earn…

You can target at least 4 kinds of content for different monetization strategies:

1: Info content and monetize with display ads. You probably have nearly unlimited keywords when you consider locally based keywords.

2: Info content and monetize with private ads deals with relevant companies. It might be local massage therapists or massage schools.

3: Product reviews for online courses or in-person courses and earn affiliate commissions. This would be a huge area since the site was based on training massage therapists.

4: Product reviews for physical products used for massage therapy.

And you can probably come up with some minor iterations. Of course, you could create your own courses if you were skilled and knowledgeable in massage therapy.

You can review different crypto concepts, coins, exchanges, and ledgers. You could also write link bait articles with infographics explaining decentralized currencies, these would appeal to news sites, and the like who are trying to explain the concept to their audience.  

There are so many informational topics to cover that you might not ever run out. Display ads would be the best way to monetize the info content quickly. Later, you could work on getting dedicated sponsorships to specific posts. 

You can also refer people to exchanges, decentralized solutions, and other products as an affiliate. That would certainly bring in more revenue per visitor than ads.

You could also refer people to paid communities and courses that focus on decentralized e-commerce and banking. These affiliate referrals will often pay high percentage commissions, thus earning more than displays on a per visitor basis.

Business, Not a Hustle

Whatever you decide to do with your aged domain – a content site, a lead-gen portal, or a fully branded business, – one thing for sure: the way you perceive it will affect the outcome. No matter how big or small your project is, treat it like a business and do the best you can. Take into account all the factors, details, and stats that come along with an Odys domain before you launch your site, so it’s well-structured and hits the mark.

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