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If someone understands how affiliate sites work and how to build out on aged domains, it’s Carl Broadbent of The Affiliate Gathering. You can even check out his aged domain case study on his YouTube channel.

This time Carl selected 4 domains in the Marketing, Comics, News, and Gaming niches and developed growth blueprints for each of them. Take a look at them below.

I recently went to a conference where I spoke to several bloggers within this space, and they all commented on how fast this niche is growing.

An increasing number of bricks and mortar businesses are looking to get online and looking for helpful business information.

Breaking news, short articles, etc, would be a winner if you can be quick out of the gate with short-form news content.

This website has covered many topics in the past from WordPress to accounting software, so you have a broad scope of content to look at.

With over 170 referring links and a few high-value ones you’ll be off to a good start and ad revenues in this niche is super high if you target the right keywords.

What I would do:

  • Look at previous pages published and replicate them with up-to-date content to ensure the authority links that come with this domain are not lost.
  • Find a keyword big enough to target a silo of content around.
  • Look to build affiliate programs around industry products that people need to start their first online business.
  • Create content that offers advice to new business owners and possibly look to get user-generated content on the site. The small business sector is always willing to share information and products they make and have an interest in.

This caught my interest as I have been keeping an eye on the comic niche and related events and conferences for a while.

A friend of mine has started a TikTok channel about comics and Marvel and it’s been incredible to see the level of interest.

This niche attracts a passionate following.

If you can find creators to share their work on this website, you could grow even faster; and most will want to do that to get fresh exposure.

There are so many opportunities in this niche from information content, digital products, printables (t-shirts, banners, posters, etc) videos, comic strips, social media, and advertising. This list is endless.

What I would do:

  • Rebrand the website as a general comic-themed website covering all aspects of comics and films like Marvel.
  • Try to recreate the original comic strip or images (be careful of copyrights) or start a new online comic strip. You could use AI-generated images if you can’t draw.
  • Start building a following on social media and leverage TikTok to drive traffic to the website.
  • Take a closer look at the backlink profile and see if you can follow up for more possible linking opportunities.
  • A gallery for up-and-coming comic artists could also be a good thing to look into.

Apart from having a super cool domain name, this aged domain comes with 10 really strong authority backlinks which are worth the money in itself.

The domain is broad and offers the new owner the chance to evaluate existing keywords and new ones to see what ranks well. Many of the old posts could be recreated and expanded upon to create some great categories and silos of content.

With the original site having a strong blog format for the content, look and feel, I think it would suit a similar format and style of website focusing on ad revenue.

What I would do:

  • My main concern would be to ensure the 10 authority backlinks are still live and active.
  • Rebuild the theme and layout to suit a blog-style website.
  • Look at the keywords targeted before and spot potential within them to create silos and strong categories.
  • Look at the backlinking profile and start an outreach campaign to increase the referring domains once there’s plenty of ranking content on the website.
  • Video and written content would be my focus. This type of website brand and style works well for video content. Interesting topics like the ones previously used make good viral videos.

This is a fast-growing niche with increased exposure on platforms like TikTok and YouTube for female gamers and programmers, I can only see it getting stronger.

There are an increasing number of advertisers and companies that are looking to sponsor and be involved in this niche.

I have been following a lady doing exactly this niche and watched her lifestyle vlogs and blogs as she attracts more and more female programmers into the gaming and software marketplace (Her name is Pinky Doodly if you want to check her out on YouTube.)

There are lots of potential monetization methods for a niche like this and I would also look at digital assets that can help other gaming programmers: Courses and such like.

What I would do:

  • Start off with all the normal things like holding onto the aged backlinks.
  • Redirecting any pages or recreating and updating them.
  • As a male, I would reach out to female programmers and see if you can hire them to write content or contribute to the website.
  • Start looking into digital downloadable assets and market them. Possibly add a one-page marketing page to the site for all your digital assets.
  • Create organic content that will rank and attract the right audience.
  • I have checked Facebook and there are several female-focused groups for gamers and programmers. Start making connections with them and ask for input on what they needed or struggled with when first starting. This will give you a clear roadmap for the niche.
  • The previous owner had her own products aimed at the female marketplace. This could also be a good monetization method and you could even have an Esty store or E-commerce platform.

Million Ways, Particular Steps

While there are countless ways to grow sites on aged domains, it’s always crucial to understand the niche and industry a particular domain is associated with based on the site previously hosted on it. By following Carl’s recommendations, you will be able to create a starting platform for your new site’s growth and prospective earning capability.

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