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There’s no way to get by in today’s domaining industry without running into Mushfiq Sarker. It’s the pro, who’s done it all and became a true titan of the market. Building sites, flipping sites, growing businesses, teaching site builders, SEO-ing – you name it! Mushfiq is an expert in all of that.

And now, Mr. The Website Flip chose 4 Odys domains in the Manufacturing, Fashion, Sports, and Business niches and provided on-point recommendations for each of them in terms of growth and success.

This domain had previously hosted a website about graphite and non-metals. It featured a news section, company projects, and investors for a graphite exploration company. This niche can offer a great potential as Fortune Business Insights predicts that graphite sales will grow from $14.83 to $25.70 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 8.2%.

Here is what I would do:

  • Answer questions about graphite and graphite products (AHREFs shows over 9K related questions).  
  • Publish informational articles about the use of graphite in electric vehicle batteries (e.g., how a graphite shortage can affect EV production).
  • Publish news articles about graphite companies, research, and technology.
  • Create a directory of graphite companies by city or state.

This site can be monetized by display ads and sponsored content about graphite suppliers. Graphite-related companies could also be listed in a directory for a fee. For someone with a strong knowledge of the niche and a keen eye, this could be a great opportunity. 

Previously, this domain had hosted an online store selling customizable graphic T-shirts based in the US. With an increasing preference for fashionable, unique, and customized clothes, it seems that the customizable t-shirt niche is here to stay. Hence, this is a good opportunity to build an affiliate site that reviews different customizable t-shirt providers and guides on how to choose a print-on-demand company for various needs.

Here is what I would do:

  • Publish articles targeting low competition keywords about less popular custom clothing like custom scarfs, custom ties, custom fedoras, etc.
  • Answer low-competition questions about popular custom clothing brands (Custom Ink, Zazzle, Vista Print).
  • Publish listicles about custom shirt ideas for specific occasions (40th birthday, bachelorette party, graduation, family reunion, Disneyland trip).
  • Create comparisons between different custom clothing providers (price, quality, shipping time).

The site can be monetized through display ads and sponsored content from print-on-demand brands such as Printful, Printify, and CustomCat. In addition, they have their own affiliate programs, where you can earn money for either getting people to join (like TeePublic) or earning from each sale your referrals make (like Printful).

With the words “sports” and “foundation” in the domain, this domain would be a good fit to relaunch as a site about building a strong “foundation” in young people with youth sports.

There are millions of people involved in youth sports in the United States and there are lots of related topics that can be covered including youth baseball, youth soccer, and youth basketball.

Here’s what I would do:

  • Create a homepage that explains how youth sports build a strong foundation in young people by teaching teamwork, leadership, work ethic, and social skills.
  • Publish content about popular youth sports topics and answer common questions about the different youth sports.
  • Publish buying guides on sports equipment for specific youth sports based on keyword research.
  • Build out a directory of youth sports resources by city (e.g. “youth soccer leagues in [City]”).
  • Hire a VA to reach out to libraries, universities, and local government sites to request a link be added on their resource pages.

Monetization could include a combination of display ads on informational articles and affiliate links on buying guides and product review pages. You could also promote sports training courses as an affiliate (e.g., digital products for soccer skills coaching). 

Crowdfunding is a growing niche with many successful companies launching products on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Also, a growing number of content creators are generating revenue from fans with tools like Patreon.

Here’s what I would do: 

  • Publish articles on low-competition “Kickstarter” keywords. AHREFs shows over 3,200 matching terms for “Kickstarter” with a 0-10 keyword difficulty.
  • Publish articles covering low-competition keywords related to Kickstarter alternatives like Indiegogo, GoFundMe, Patreon, etc.
  • Publish articles answering questions about equity crowdfunding and comparing equity crowdfunding sites like StartEngine, WeFunder, etc.
  • Cover news about interesting projects on crowdfunding sites and get a quote from the founder. They may link back to you from their press page.
  • Build an email newsletter for entrepreneurs interested in crowdfunding.

Monetization could include two main sources: display ads and affiliate links to courses or tools.

Many startup companies need help with getting started and generating awareness with their crowdfunding campaign. There are courses that you could promote or you could even create your own course, community, or service.

Build, Evolve, Monetize

When building a site, you want to monetize it. Odys domains provide a rock-solid foundation for this with their clean history, SEO metrics, backlinks, and other important factors. Mushfiq’s recommendations are all targeted on the earning potential of each domain. Read them, develop a plan, create a foolproof project, and keep on going until it brings you money.

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