Doug’s Choice – Kids, Rehab, Marketing and LGBTQ+ Niches

What aged domain should you choose? Which one would suit your business plans and how should you develop it, so it generates revenue? Both beginner and experienced affiliate marketers encounter tons of such questions. How do you answer them?

There are two ways to answer these questions. The first is to contact the Odys Global team and have a direct conversation (maybe even more than one). The second way is to check out our Expert Picks, where SEO and affiliate marketing experts share their vision and ideas on a number of selected domains.

Below, you’ll find growth blueprints for 4 premium aged domains from the Odys Marketplace on behalf of Doug Cunnington of Niche Site Project. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your perfect option!

For me, this needs to develop into a wellness mega site. This is a niche that has been increasing in popularity for the last 20 years, and is showing no signs of declining. The global wellness industry is worth over $4.5 trillion, yes trillion!

I would rebuild some of the most popular pages, which were largely around depression. This could be expanded further by looking at holistic ways of tackling depression and general mental health. From here you can expand into physical health too.

Over time you could expand into other associated niches such as overcoming phobias, meditation, relationships, organization and personal development and many more.

There are so many different income streams a site like this can go down.

Affiliate is going to be the simplest avenue, reviewing and recommending products such as diffusers, essential oils, radio frequency mitigators, and supplements to support people’s wellbeing. Online meditation and fitness classes would be another great option to promote.

Once established you could go on to recommending higher ticket items such as yoga and wellness retreats.

People are willing to spend money on courses in this niche, either develop your own or act as an affiliate for other people until you get to this stage. In a similar vein, ebooks and planners could be created and sold on various topics.

This would make a great site for anybody wanting to sell their own digital marketing services and/or software. If this isn’t for you, you could review other people’s services and products.

To generate traffic you would need to add informational content. This could initially be focused on supporting businesses to build their ideal customer avatar and understanding that natural language for the demographic and how to effectively segment an audience.

Digital marketing is a huge topic that is only going to grow, meaning that this site could be as niche or mega as you would like.

Yep, another clothing store, I hear you say!

I know there is a lot of competition in this area from the big brand names. However, I would look at taking a different angle on this by working with clothing providers in a specific niche, such as organic, vegan, recycled, or even sustainable clothing, accessories, and toys for kids.

To stand out from the competition, you would have to combine an eCom store with a blog where you could review the, ‘Best x for Y’ within the niche. Working with a couple of influencers in this niche could be great for driving traffic to your site.

With everything that has happened in the World over the last recent years, it’s clear that there is still a lot to learn.

Although focused on Black culture, I would develop this site to look at the broader topic of inclusion. Later it could be redirected to a new site having broader branding.

You could offer informational material to support educating persons on inclusion. The target audience for this could be wide-ranging, from classroom materials to support teachers, through to large organizations. This could also involve going into organizations and providing training to ensure they are meeting their legal and moral obligations.

Haste Makes Waste

Take your time to digest the advice provided above and you might actually get a hold of a great deal for your business. While Odys domains essentially have everything to make a site godspeed in terms of success, it still takes time and planning to do everything right. Choosing a suitable aged domain is a starting point and you should settle the stage for your site to skyrocket higher than you know.

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