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You might’ve heard that “there are no women in SEO or Internet Marketing.” Well, we might surprise you, but there actually are. Meet Shawna Newman – a self-made SEO expert and Internet marketer, who’s been constantly exploring ways and techniques to build successful niche sites since 2009 and is the founder of Skipblast.

Shawna has become one of our experts, who share their blueprints on selected sets of aged domains available in the Odys Marketplace. Make sure to check out her advice on four domains provided below.

With a long history and strong backlink profile in the pharmaceuticals industry, is the perfect aged domain for the site builder who wants to take on this YMYL niche with some built-in EAT signals. 

This domain lets you set up a site with the branding of a pharmacist, or pharmacy, making recommendations of various over-the-counter products. This is ideal for site builders who want to focus on affiliate programs.

And since “Asia” is in the domain, I would opt to build out some local-focused content clusters as well. Some good options include content related to pharmacy locations throughout Asia and content covering medical tourism in Asia. With this content, you have the option of monetizing with ads, as well as the possibility of travel affiliate and lead gen programs.

With 1,249,513 users on the /r/Privacy subreddit, you know that the market for a privacy-focused site is huge these days. And that makes a good option for site builders looking to break into this niche. 

This domain has a previous life all about secure online chats, which makes it a great site to promote all sorts of privacy-related software and topics, as well as all things chatbots. This type of software often pays you for each month someone is a paying customer, which means you could quickly scale your income.

I would lean heavy into VPN content with this domain, as well as content on password managers, secure messaging, online security, and chatbots in general. And I’d become an active member of the /r/Privacy subreddit in an attempt to drive traffic to the site outside of Google. 

Overtime, you could even branch out into more general tech topics with this domain, which gives you more affiliate monetization options, as well as display ads.

Employment is one of those great evergreen niches with multiple monetization avenues and would be a great way for a site builder to dive into this industry.

Someone who is interested in this niche could use this domain to share open jobs in the USA. Beyond monetizing with a job board, I think I would also use this domain to create a lot of informational content centered on the various types of jobs.

For this informational content, I would focus on covering everything about a potential job or career that someone might not know. Display ads are a great monetization option here as the RPMs in this niche tend to be on the higher end.

Additionally, this informational content becomes a natural pathway to using the domain for lead generation purposes targeting job seekers who need training in their industry.

For the site builder who wants to enter the parenting or mommy niches, BirthUnscripted is a great domain with some really nice backlinks.

In keeping with the history of the domain, I think I would start with content creation on birth photography. You can do reviews of local photographers, as well as give photography tips for parents who want to go the DIY route.

I would also plan on creating a directory of birth photographers, which could be monetized. Additionally, the DIY birth photography content gives you a natural progression to selling courses on the topic.

Once the birth photography content is all done, this domain makes it easy for you to expand into all things birth and baby related, which enables you to monetize with both display ads and affiliate programs. 

There Are More than One Way to Building a Successful Site

Aged domains are a pot of gold for pretty much any SEO expert and Internet marketer with the SEO value, backlinks, and domain history that provide an upper hand in the modern market. The blueprints provided above show how you can build successful sites, but what’s more important is that they show an approach to each of them. You’re free to buy any of these aged domains and follow these blueprints or you can use key takeaways from them and devise your own strategy. You are the one who defines the way to a successful niche site.

Digital Marketing Manager, Odys Global

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