Mushfiq’s March Сhoice – Home Decor, Gaming, Weather, and Travel Niches

Mushfiq Sarker is a leading figure in the SEO industry, from building and flipping sites to growing businesses and teaching SEO. You will save thousands of work hours due to his recommendations, as well as avoid potential failure based on his experience.

Using proven growth strategies, the Website Flip analyzed 4 Odys domains in the Home Decor, Gaming, Weather, and Travel Niche and provided top growth recommendations. Check them out!

With a strong backlink profile with nearly 400 linking domains and a highly brandable name, this domain provides a good opportunity to build a niche affiliate site about dinnerware that can be expanded to other home decor topics like glassware and dining tables.

Here’s what I would do:

  • Publish buying guides featuring the best dinnerware sets for specific needs (e.g., best dinnerware set for X, 10 crystal dinnerware sets with [attribute]).
  • Review services that provide customized dining plates or party plates.
  • Request samples from brands to conduct detailed reviews with unique photos.
  • Publish listicles of interesting dining room decor ideas.
  • Answer questions about the top dinnerware, glassware, and dining table brands.

The best opportunity for monetization is affiliate links through Amazon and home decor online retailers like Wayfair which offers a 7% commission on sales. Affiliate links can be supplemented with revenue from display ads.

The history of this domain and brandable name provide a good opportunity to grow an affiliate site focused on retro home arcade products such as replica pinball and arcade machines.

Here’s what I would do:

  • Relaunch the site with a focus on replica pinball and arcade machines that can be purchased for a home arcade.
  • Publish reviews and buying guides for pinball machines, arcade machines, and retro gaming devices that are sold on Amazon and Game Stop.
  • Publish articles answering questions about top brands and products related to retro arcade machines.
  • Publish articles about building a home arcade (e.g., best X for a home arcade).

Monetization would be primarily affiliate links to replica pinball machines, arcade machines, and other related products which can cost several hundred dollars. You can also add display ads for additional revenue although RPMs for video game topics tend to be low.

This domain previously hosted a weather manager app for macOS. It is easily possible to turn this domain into an authority site quickly by putting a programmatic website together that answers weather questions for particular locations and particular months. In addition, it can cover different weather conditions and review weather apps, expanding its content possibilities.

Here is what I would do:

  • Publish historic weather guides for specific places using programmatic content (see for an example).
  • Publish articles about rainy season in specific places using programmatic content (e.g. “rainy season in cabo” has a KD of 8 and volume of 250).
  • Publish listicles for best weather apps for different activities (e.g. best iPhone skiing weather apps).
  • Publish weather related listicles like “7 Worst Hurricanes in Florida History”.
  • Publish informational articles explaining popular weather topics with low competition.

It is possible to monetize the site with display ads and affiliate links to brands such as PredictWind, Outdoor Active, and others in the Weather Prediction niche. In time, you will be able to expand the topic to include weather maps, activities for specific regions and seasons, etc., thereby reaching a broader audience.

Previously, the domain hosted an information guide for San Francisco hostels, including accommodation options, travel guides and group excursions. Increasing solo travel is driving the growth of the hostel market, which is projected to reach a CAGR of 11.20% by 2028. Hostel accommodation as a trend isn’t new, but it’s surely here to stay, making it a great opportunity for an authority site about San Francisco accommodation options.

Here is what I would do:

  • Publish articles about hostels near famous SF tourist locations (e.g., hostels near Golden Gate Bridge).
  • Publish articles about inexpensive SF tourism activities and restaurants.
  • Publish guides about hostels and solo travel in San Francisco.
  • Publish listicles of interesting and inexpensive Airbnb room rentals in SF.
  • Publish reviews about specific hostels with information about amenities.
  • Hire freelancers in SF who can take original photos of hostels and local businesses.

The site can be monetized by display ads, sponsored content and affiliate links from programs like Booking, Hostelworld, TripAdvisor, or even specific San Francisco brands such as San Francisco Hostels Club. 

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