Shawna’s Choice –  Health, Travel, Food, and Home Niches

Experts will be experts – they can’t help but dissect Odys domains, exploring their potential for traffic growth and revenue. This month, Shawna Newman of Skipblast selected domains in the Health, Travel, Food, and Home niches. 

The recommendations provided by Shawna open a wide range of possibilities for these 4 domains. Take a few minutes to read her advice – you may find something that rings your bell or get fresh ideas for your future endeavors!

Niches that help people solve a problem are always a great idea because they are evergreen. This domain gives you the perfect entry point for the habits and productivity niche.

It’s a topic that people all over the world struggle with, which means you’ve got a wide audience to market to. While the history of this domain shows that it was used to promote an app, I would start out with an informational content sprint on helping people form new habits.

You could also create free downloadable habit tracking PDFs, which could bring in new natural backlinks.

In addition to using display ads to monetize this site, I think you can immediately launch with multiple forms of monetization. I would create a habit tracking journal to sell via KDP on Amazon and promote on this domain. You can also use affiliate links within your blog posts to promote relevant products.

Additionally, you can create a series of productivity courses to promote on this domain. I recommend a free mini-course as an email funnel and then promote your paid courses and habit tracking journal at the end of that min-course. 

I also think an evergreen series of “30 Days To …” mini courses would be great lead magnets and you could have several landing pages for each of these, which you use to promote the meatier paid courses that you offer.

You can even branch into non-fiction books that you can add to your Amazon KDP account with that habit tracking journal.

Travel is one of my favorite niches because the RPMs for display ads are relatively high and affiliate offers tend to convert well. With this domain, you can focus exclusively on the UK market since that is the relevant history of the domain. You’ll notice that this domain has some great backlinks, such as The Guardian and Daily Mail. 

What I would do with this domain is research the top destinations in the UK and create topic clusters around each of them that covers everything someone booking travel would need to know.

This means everything from top attractions, to good day trips from the area, to good places to stay. Topic clusters like this allow you to monetize with both display ads and affiliate offers. 

Of course, with the travel niche being saturated in many areas, it’s a good idea to do more than surface level keyword research here. Instead of ‘best places to visit in York’ opt for something like ‘must-visit wine tastings in Yorkshire.’

Future revenue streams to consider include travel ebooks you can sell on the site and via Amazon’s KDP and a paid directory of cottages by location in the UK.

Though the food niche can be tough to break into, niching down with a domain like this one makes it easier. While this domain has a strong history in the veganism sub-niche, its historical name (and anchor text) of ‘Plant Food For People’ means that you could expand to vegetarianism as well. 

With its strong backlink profile, I wouldn’t hesitate to use this domain as a healthy food blog focused on vegan and vegetarian topics. The quick and easy route is to focus on informational topics, such as ‘Is X vegan?’ and fill out the domain with content that offers some quick wins. 

You can monetize the informational content with display ads, and sprinkle in affiliate links when relevant.

The not-so-quick and easy route would be to start creating relevant recipes to share on the site. Eventually the recipes can be bundled into recipe books that offer a new revenue stream for the site.

Depending on the site owner’s ambitions for the site, a cooking course (or course series) could become an additional revenue stream.

DIY and home-related domains are always great for site builders because of all the evergreen content opportunities. And this domain is the perfect entry point for someone who wants to niche down to bathrooms.

According to a survey in 2021, almost 70% of people planning a home remodel were targeting their bathroom. By niching down to bathrooms, you can cover everything from showers to bidets to floor tiles. 

I think focusing on the DIY aspect of this is the way to go and all of that informational content is easily monetized with display ads. Affiliate links are a natural addition here since you’ll be able to recommend new products in all of those DIY articles you’re publishing to the site.

For the site owner who is super hands-on, a course or non-fiction book may be another revenue stream to be added to the site.

And for the site owner looking to own the domain for the long-haul, I recommend creating a directory of local plumbers and other bathroom professionals where you can either sell ad space or use it as a lead generation platform.

Patience Is the Key

One thing to remember about aged domains is that they demand a lot of work, commitment, and patience to make them work for good and bring you money. You skip the sandbox stage, for sure, and – provided you did everything right – start getting traffic almost instantly upon launching a site on an Odys domain, but you still have to create relevant content and hit the right buttons for it to stabilize and grow. Heed Shawna’s advice to set things right with the domains mentioned above.

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