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Picking an aged domain to build and grow a site out on may be confusing. Expert opinion and advice always count, even if you’re an expert yourself, ‘cause – you know – there’s always something you may overlook. 

Doug Cunnington of Niche Site Project selected 4 Odys domains in the Health, Hiking, Toys, and Teaching niches and provided his vision on their prospective growth. Give it a read – something could really ring your bell!

There are two viable options for this site for me.

If you already offer training to persons to become massage therapists, this could be the perfect site for you to showcase your business

You could set this site up as lead generation to direct interested parties to people who offer massage (and associated) trainings in their area.

To accompany either, I would rebuild the pages that are attracting the high authority links, and add informational and affiliate articles to the site. These could cover topics from what insurance you need to operate, the best booking and bookkeeping software, to the best essential oils to relax your clients.

If you already have a site in the massage space, this is a perfect addition to add a huge amount of authority. Plus, you can probably add more content and ways to earn…

You can target at least 4 kinds of content for different monetization strategies.

1: Info content and monetize with display ads. You probably have nearly unlimited keywords when you consider locally based keywords.

2: Info content and monetize with private ads deals with relevant companies. It might be local massage therapists or massage schools.

3: Product reviews for online courses or in-person courses and earn with affiliate commissions. This would be a huge area since the site was based on training massage therapists.

4: Product reviews for physical products used for massage therapy.

And you can probably come up with some minor iterations. Of course, you could create your own courses if you were skilled and knowledgeable in the massage therapy.

With the domain name, I would develop this site into a holistic site about Japanese culture.

The links this site already has are relevant to anime, so I would start there before expanding out into other areas of Japanese culture such as social conventions, sub-cultures, sport, foods, theatre, even travel hotspots, etc.

This site could be as broad as your imagination is willing to take it with a whole variety of monetization options for you.

More than ever people are appreciating the great outdoors and all it has to offer. As it stands, this is a very niche site about the one walking trail. So as not to lose the great authority of this site, I would redirect it to a broader niche site about the outdoors.

After this, I would review all of the top hiking sites initially in the US, and then you could branch into other notable walking trails in the world, such as the Great Wall of China.

If this is a broader site, you could look at reviewing camping, wild camping, and other outdoor equipment readers will need to complete these trails.

I would start with this site exactly where it left off – by producing resources for tutors, teachers, homeschoolers, and charter schools for fiction writing for all ages. If you wanted to niche down further you could look at focusing on a specific audience initially, such as fiction writing for introverted children or for children with special educational needs.

Once established, I would redirect this to a broader niche site looking at teaching resources across all topics. For this, you could offer paid products or different tiers of subscription service to offer ongoing to educators.

The best bit about a niche like this is that there are always teachers looking for additional work, so getting content produced shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Haste Makes Waste, but You Don’t Want to Waste Your Chance

Properly selected aged domain is half the recipe for your success. However, even though it may seem that you still should wait for a proper one to land on the marketplace – for whatever reasons, whether naming, stats, DR, or what-not, – there’s plenty of fish in the sea and you might’ve just missed a domain that would serve as a perfect platform for your online business. Take heed of the advice provided above and may your choices be wise.

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