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Aged domains come in a wide variety of options. Even when you decide to buy from such a reliable seller as Odys Global, it may be confusing to find the domain that would meet your particular needs and channel your brand message – because our arsenal is so huge. Luckily, we’ve sided with Doug Cunnington, a project management and marketing expert, who knows a great deal about building niche sites. He selected four aged domains from the Odys Marketplace and provided his advice on growth techniques.

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Since Indiana Jones went on a quest to find the Holy Grail, the secrets to eternal youth and biohacking have become an increasingly popular topic. Everybody wants to know what they can do to live longer and look younger doing it. Even better, people are willing to pay a lot of money to unlock these secrets.

I would embrace the academic rigor that this site previously had, however, I would develop it with articles that are more accessible for all.

There are some great informational and affiliate topics in this niche such as improving sleep, lifestyle and dietary changes, supplements, skincare, wearable technology, implant technology, and genetic engineering. Although the niche may initially appear narrow, there are actually a lot of different silos you could build-out.

Display ads are a given these days for any informational site. There are a whole host of affiliate products that could be recommended to your audience from supplements, to meal subscription boxes, to tech. I know that it’s a lot of work, but a course around this topic could be really in demand and would give you a further platform to recommend affiliate products. Finally, a YouTube channel has the potential to be popular in this niche. Again, it could be another revenue stream in its own right, as well as giving you an opportunity to recommend products and earn more affiliate commissions.


Health and nutrition are definitely in the YMYL category, but that does not mean that you cannot be successful in this niche.

There was a lot of information on the original site, I would rebuild and update these pages whilst adding links to the best supplements for the individual conditions.

The DR of this site is relatively low in comparison to the DA. Once you have rebuilt the pages, I would look at running a link building campaign personally via HARO or using a link building service to increase the DR of this site. This will undoubtedly improve the SERP results for your articles and improve traffic and, in turn, revenue.

EAT is big in YMYL niches, so you may either want to hire somebody to be the face of the site. Or gain a nutritional qualification yourself, these can be done online relatively quickly and cheaply.

The nature of this site lends itself to the affiliate marketing of nutritional supplements, I would start with Amazon for ease, then once you are more established in the niche, you can look at using other affiliate programs or working with brands directly.

Also, I would add courses, either ones you have developed/commissioned or those you can be an affiliate for.

YouTube could be an additional revenue stream. Videos could be produced around different ailments and the possible solutions for these (including affiliate links tpo products).


Everybody knows the power of social media in commerce, whether you’re trying to promote your bricks and mortar store, sell your personal services online, or even if you’re an affiliate marketer, digital marketing can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

If you are a social media or digital marketing guru and want to see your services to others, this could be a great option for you.

If you are not that skilled in all things digital marketing, you could promote others’ courses to people wanting to master these skills.

Informational content, as well as product reviews, will be invaluable to develop EAT. Digital marketing is a popular search on Pinterest, so I would invest time in promoting yourself on Pinterest, in order to drive traffic to your site.

Selling your own services would be a great monetization option.

However, if this is not for you, or not scalable enough for you, selling your own digital marketing courses, or acting as an affiliate for others’ courses, could be a great monetization tactic.

Recommending different SaaS products to help people with their digital marketing needs, from writing engaging captions, to hashtag generation, to scheduling tools for different platforms would be another great revenue stream.


If you already have a coaching business, you could redirect this site to yours. If not, why not build a business coaching site of your own?

This could be anything from coaching people on how to set up a fitness business to starting affiliate marketing. It does not need to be based around the corporate world unless this is where your skills specifically lie.

If mentoring is more your thing, why not set up a network of mentors, this could be global or local. You could even run your own, or pay somebody to run masterminds off the back of this site.

If a service-based business is not for you, you could focus on informational content to support people in advancing their careers and act as an affiliate for others’ courses.

Group or 1-2-1 coaching is one revenue stream.

Physical or virtual events like masterminds or networking events are a realistic revenue stream too, given the niche.

I would look at offering a subscription-based membership program where training and top tips could be offered, these could be provided by persons wanting to promote their own products to your audience, for which you can then be an affiliate.

Build Successful Sites on Aged Domains Wisely

If you want to take advantage of an aged domain and its potential, it’s necessary to have a wise approach. What Doug did above was provide you with blueprints for several Odys domains – you may either follow his advice or take some key ideas and develop your own plan. One thing for sure, a properly created and managed website hosted on an aged domain will reap great fruit: unprecedented organic traffic from day one, advantageous positioning in search engines, quick sales, etc. Buying an aged domain is just the beginning. But, boy, what a beginning this is.

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