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As many of you struggle with domain selection, we’re happy to introduce our new project, Expert picks, where industry experts recommend domains. We’re not just making suggestions, but also offering growth strategies that can be implemented right away and produce results. Domains are chosen from a variety of niches and price ranges, so there’s something for everyone.

As part of this post, we have included recommendations from Doug Cunnington, an affiliate marketing expert with experience in passive income strategies. See his domain recommendations below.

In keeping with the history of the site, I would recreate some of the content around fonts and typography that was drawing in the high authority links, whilst acting as an affiliate for paid fonts. You could even develop a course for people, teaching them how to create their own fonts to use and sell.

Because of the creative nature of this site, you could naturally diversify into anything linked to the aesthetics of websites including themes, theme builders, stock photography, and graphic design software. I would target a combination of product review posts and round-up posts

If you can offer web design services, or have your own themes to sell, bonus!

With more and more people earning an income through affiliate marketing, blogging, YouTube, and the like, there is a greater need than ever for these people to legally protect themselves.

With this in mind, I would turn this site into an information resource for such people, offering advice on the latest tax rules, copyright implications, liability on social media, privacy policies, working with advertisers, etc.

You could sell privacy policies, legal audits, and even bookkeeping materials to ensure that online businesses are protecting themselves and are on the right side of the law.

This niche lends itself to podcasting and appearing on others would soon provide the backlinks needed to boost your authority.

19 million Americans have admitted to having a phobia of some form. That is a huge market to tap into.

Phobias can be debilitating for many people from not being able to leave the home to not being able to fly. Understandably, many people are willing to spend a lot of money to overcome these fears.

I would rebuild and optimize the previous top ranking pages for this site and try to regain some of the lost backlinks.

This site could benefit from fresh content focusing on the more serious side, looking at different phobias and how to overcome them, this could easily be outsourced.

I would monetize this site with ads in the first instance. After this, I would act as an affiliate for persons offering courses to overcome specific phobias, some of these have really amazing affiliate commission rates.

If you have some knowledge in a particular area, you could always create your own course.

I would continue to target this site to locals and tourists as well as those wanting to know more about the country. To do this I would build out informational articles for this site for everything relating to Monaco, from how the tax system works to the most Instagramable places to watch the sunrise.

Review-style articles would also lend themselves nicely to this site. There is a lot of scope to write, ‘Best Places to xyz’ and similar style articles.

This site can be monetized through display ads and paid ads from specific local vendors.

I would team up as an affiliate with a tour operator broker like Viator or Isango and recommend activities for people to do in and around Monaco for a commission.

The same could be done for higher ticket items such as flights, hotel bookings, and events such as the Grand-Prix for holidaymakers wanting to experience the high-end living that comes with somewhere as exclusive as Monaco.

We hope these domain picks inspired you to start an online project. Having some growth strategies from the industry experts and hard work will help you turn your idea into a success story. Pick the domain you need on the Odys marketplace.

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