Jamie’s March Choice – Health, Business, Travel, and Real Estate Niches

When a highly experienced professional, who has a portfolio of niche sites that have earned seven-figure revenues, provides valuable insights and advice on building websites with aged domains, it is a significant opportunity that should not be missed.

For this month, he has chosen four Odys domains in the Health, Business, Travel, and Real Estate Niches niches to tackle their growth potential. Jamie’s recommendations offer a multitude of possibilities. Spend a few minutes perusing her advice – you never know what might spark your interest or provide new inspiration for future endeavors!


A major advantage of this DR13 aged domain is that it’s previously been a QnA-style blog, so it’s very safe to continue with this domain as a food blog. Even better, it has extremely powerful university links and other reputable links from science publishers, so you have instant credibility in food and health topics.

While I would not brand this site as a general food blog, as the name and previous use is too niche, it would make an excellent diet-focused blog focused on helping readers lose weight and cut fat.

Display ads obviously work well for a site like this, but there’s also affiliate potential with recommending kitchen tools and gadgets, as well as doing direct sponsorships with brands.


You have two options for this powerful DR22 aged domain: you can try to make it work as it was originally intended with quotes from famous entrepreneurs and founders, or you can go more general and be a leadership/startup/entrepreneurs authority site.

For the former, you’ll want to target all the entrepreneurial quotes keywords like:

  • Elon musk quotes – 10K search volume
  • Leadership quotes – 54K search volume
  • Motivational quotes for work – 48K search volume
  • Ben franklin quotes – 7.6K search volume

If you go for the more general founder authority site, you can aim to make money from book recommendations like “best leadership books,” “best marketing books” (but it’s super competitive and there’s not a lot of money in it), as well as interviews with entrepreneurs for viral short-form content and general brandbuilding/linkbuilding, and ranking for general digital entrepreneurship/SaaS productivity keywords which have great affiliate and high RPM opportunities – but it’s very competitive.


With powerful links from sites like National Geographic, if you want to start a travel blog, this domain can save you a lot of time building links and get you far quicker traction. 

It’s DR 16, which while not sky high, is a good start, and travel is a huge niche to target with enormous traffic potential. 

Travel, and particularly bookings and trips, can be really lucrative if you wanted to go down this route – and in fact, the domain was previously used offer biking and hiking trips, if you wanted to specialize – and you can go broader if you choose, with the travel routes, or even digital nomad-style accommodation and lodgings.


DR17 might not seem high, but for more local SEO it’s relatively better. This aged domain used to be a coworking space business with its own membership section on the site, so it’s perfect if you have experience in lead gen or “rank and rent” style models.

It was based in Chicago, so I would build a lead gen-focused business and seek a client to sell local coworking, or more general real estate, leads to. It’s packed with powerful local Houston links and directories to save you time, and the fact it was previously a coworking space makes it a great option for coworking lead gen – and coworking spaces are only going to become more popular in the future. You could make a general local tour guide site out of it, and try to rank for the “best coworking spaces in [local area]” keywords, but I would prefer for this particular domain to try lead gen.

The Importance of Persistence and Consistency in Building Your Business

While it’s important to build your business passionately, it’s equally crucial not to lose focus. There are numerous ways to elevate your online business beyond traditional search engine optimization tactics (which remain essential). Follow Jamie’s guidance, and even if none of the aforementioned domains align with your specific needs, extract key concepts and implement them in your projects.

By the way, Odys Marketplace offers more than 900 domains in over 50 industries, ensuring there is something for everyone. So, go ahead and explore the Odys Marketplace.

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