Jamie’s Choice – Gardening, Cameras,  Astronomy, and Entertainment Niches

Jamie's Choice

2023 has arrived and brought along a new set of Expert Picks! Jamie I.F. is back with some deep insights and actionable tips on building out on Odys domains.

Make no mistake, each of the domains listed below has a huge potential even beyond what Jamie suggests, but heeding the advice of a person with a domain of seven-figure niche sites is always a smart thing to do, ain’t it?


If you’ve got green fingers and love gardening, plants and flowers, this is a low-cost yet powerful domain with real potential and a low-risk choice. 

Having previously been an info source for growing heleniums, building an informational site covering helenium plants and then spreading it out to similar garden plants is extremely safe – and these keywords can still be very lucrative. For example, plantcareforbeginners.com is a DR33 with over 130K monthly visits (likely far more, this is just Ahrefs data), and is likely earning thousands every month.

I would focus on building a personal brand, Epic Gardening style, show your face, and include video as part of the strategy, focusing not on putting out loads of content, but on fewer super high-quality pieces with tie-ins for affiliate programs. For example, there are affiliate programs like AeroGarden for indoor gardening which could be relevant, Succulent Box, SeedsNow, and more for creating offers and pop-up banners.


Cameras are a broad niche and have so many lucrative keywords that in my opinion are undersaturated compared to many others. There are still a lot of opportunities for an expert with a strong personal brand to make absurd amounts of money here, and with the powerful links from this domain, you put yourself in the best possible position to grow fast and take over these keywords.

This site dealt specifically with video cameras and filming accessories, and so I would stick to this sub-niche (at least to start with), such as shoulder supports, handles, and other related accessories, as well as video cameras – with a professional, Hollywood-quality focus.

There are most certainly affiliate plays here, but RPMs are probably good enough here that you won’t need to focus solely on commercial content – informational content is very well suited here too, especially if you can add your own visual examples in guides. 


With a great brandable name and a very strong backlink profile, this is a fantastic domain for building an affiliate-focused site on telescopes and related equipment. 

The sites ranking for even the most highly-searched affiliate terms like “best telescopes for deep space” has a DR4 site ranking #4, with a number of other below DR20 sites on the first page. This niche is very open if you can produce great content to complement the strong backlink profile this domain comes with.

Your competition isn’t even strong here on the content side. This article on Planet Guide has 2K monthly search traffic according to Ahrefs, is likely earning over $300/mo just for this article, and is on a DR18 site. There really are strong opportunities to make a lot of money and grow a valuable niche site here.

If you happen to speak Spanish too, then that helps expand into multiple languages, as well as offsetting any risk as the original site had a focus on Spanish. Overall, it’s a very high-potential affiliate niche, with even informational content surrounding the niche likely very lucrative for adding affiliate links within or funneling people to buyer’s guides via internal links.


I think this site would work excellently as a general music instrument informational and affiliate authority site which could develop into digital products and courses – if you have the musical knowledge to clearly show your expertise.

I would operate a video-first strategy of creating music-related tutorials, guides (or just fun videos you think to add to the brand) for the instrument you’re confident with, which can then be turned into shorter-form videos across TikTok, Reels, and Shorts. The videos should also be turned into blog posts, which internally link and complement the affiliate-focused articles that drive revenue.

Instruments are such a common hobby that I don’t think you would struggle to find budding and passionate musicians to create content for instruments you don’t possess or play, to then create silos for the instruments you choose (piano, or string instruments, brass instruments, etc) and build the site from there. There are a number of instrument affiliate programs, but you may instead opt to leverage your strong brand to sell training courses for learning specific pieces or styles on certain instruments.

Solid Basis and Hard Work Combined Do Miracles

Whatever the niche or the domain you choose, always remember to do your homework, whether it’s keyword research, market analysis, or anything else that will help you settle a solid ground for your future site and, hopefully, blooming business. You need to understand the market or niche you’re about to delve into and know what keywords to take advantage of to get ahead of the competition on search engines. Yes, even when using an aged domain. So, take your time to think and explore to make what’s hopefully one of your life’s best decisions business-wise.

By the way, the Odys Marketplace currently has over 900 aged domains in more than 50 niches, so there’s a huge chance you’ll find what you need even if none of the options described above fit your goals.

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