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When looking for an aged domain that is not just valuable in terms of its history and backlink profile, but that is also brandable, getting advice from a web professional is a helpful factor. Doug Cunnington, a widely recognized marketing expert and project manager professional, chose four remarkable premium aged domains on the Odys Marketplace that he believes have a serious growth potential and shared his ideas on how to use them. Take a look for yourself below.

Fancy yourself as Will Smith in Hitch?

‘Top 10’ style informational articles for dating and fashion tips for different scenarios would be perfect for this site. If you have a product to sell, this could be the perfect platform to promote your product.

Although the site was originally focused on men attracting women, this could be built out to cater to women too.

If you can offer group or 1-2-1 dating or style coaching, this could be a very lucrative way to generate revenue from the site. With nearly 50 million single adult males in the US alone, there is definitely a market for this.

If more passive income is what you are looking for, creating a dating, or styling, course, or ebook that you can sell on autopilot would be a great monetization strategy too. In the meantime, you could act as an affiliate for somebody else’s course or ebook.

On the fashion side of the site, why not partner with personal shoppers in different states? You could refer readers through to these shoppers and profit from the lead generation. If this sounds like too much work for you, become an affiliate for online personalized clothing subscription boxes for monthly recurring revenue.

If you already have a gaming site, this site could make a great addition to your portfolio. You could redirect some of the amazing links from this site to yours, giving your site a boost.

If you’re just getting started in the gaming niche, I would rebuild some of the old pages, updating the content, so you don’t miss out on the power of the links that this site has accumulated over its 14 years.

As the gaming niche can be competitive, I’d try and look for underserved topics, such as creating a cluster of articles around, how parents can keep their children safe when gaming, looking at retro games, or games for improving memory, etc.

Moving forward this site would team perfectly with a YouTube channel, you could personally, or pay somebody to, review games, new and old, as well as recommending accessory kits.

Ads and sponsored content are always going to be winners for a site like this. Secondly, I would look at acting as an affiliate for the products that you review and for ticket sales for gaming conventions. If you build an email list you could also sell through that, potentially partnering with different companies in order to offer exclusive deals or pre-order offers.


With nearly a million new motorcycles being registered every year in Europe alone and people traveling far and wide to ride the amazing sites and scenes, this site could have a wide audience.

This site would be perfect for biking enthusiasts, if not, there is a huge biking community that you would be able to get writing materials from.

I would review the best routes, across different countries and what you can see along these routes. Everybody needs somewhere to sleep and eat on these journeys, so I would review places to stay and eat along the way, as well as the different road rules in different countries.

From here you can branch out to recommending the best biking gear for these journeys.

There are a lot of different tour providers that offer bike rentals and tour guides for biking holidays around Europe, they are great for solo or group travelers. I would partner with these providers, recommending their group tours as lead generation.

I would also try and partner with local hotels and restaurants in the same way. If this is too much work, you can always act as an affiliate for hotel booking companies.

Finally, traditional affiliate marketing would be an easy hit on a site like this; recommending all of the items people will need for their touring.


If you already are a management consultant, this site could be great to build your business from. It has a brandable domain name, which still leaves scope for diversifying into other areas of leadership training and development. After the workplace has just undergone the other biggest challenges it has ever faced, a lot of companies are looking for direction moving forward.

If you are looking for something with lead generation in mind, this site could be developed into that. You could partner with leading management consultants in different fields and direct clients to them. Once partnerships had been brokered, and process’ in place, this could be largely left on autopilot, or maybe managed by a VA.

If the above are not of interest to you, this site could be made into an informational site for organizations and leaders for all aspects of leadership and management. There are plenty of online courses for managers that could be promoted as part of this.

Finally, why not amalgamate all of the above? If done right, this could leave you with diversified income streams from one site.

Depending on how you chose to use this site, there are a number of different monetization options available to you. Lead generation would undoubtedly be the most lucrative for you, with high commissions being paid for these leads. Ads can be placed on informational articles and you could act as an affiliate for online courses, these often have a good commission rate due to not having physical products to produce.

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As you can see, sky’s the limit when you really want to grow your business and earn good money. The opportunities take a much more particular shape when you have something as viable as a premium aged domain at hand that gives you an immediate advantage on the web.  If you have the right content in place, your business will get to the first search engine results in no time with no link building effort and costs.

At Odys, we have thousands of premium aged domains with clean history, outstanding backlink profiles, and an unmatched SEO value.

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