Chris’ April Choice – Food, Tech, Legal and Auto Niches

Meet Chris, a highly experienced professional who can teach you how to make money online through various methods, such as blogging and affiliate marketing. With a successful track record of building niche sites that generate passive income, he’s eager to share his expertise with you.

This month, Chris has hand-picked four Odys domains in the food, tech, legal and auto niches to explore their growth potential. With Chris’s recommendations, you’ll have a multitude of possibilities to choose from. Take a few minutes to peruse his advice, and you may just discover something that sparks your interest or inspires your next business venture! is a great 2-word and brandable domain in the food niche. Previously, it was a breakfast and lunch cafe and bakery in Portland, Oregon, USA, that did not survive the pandemic. 

But an emphasis on the term ‘bakery’ as this would be a great opportunity to jump into the highly profitable baking niche. 

What I would do to grow

  • Even though recipes are tempting to target, I would go after more product-related keywords and target affiliate commissions from baking and kitchen-related products like mixers, pans, oven mitts, and cookbooks. 
  • I would center a large part of the site’s focus on promoting a digital baking/cooking course like YesChef, which pays a generous 25% recurring commission. Which can be up to $45 per transaction. 
  • I love domains like, as there is very little cleanup required, as all of their relevant backlinks are pointing to the home page. No rebuilding of any content is needed.   

I am a sucker for a good recurring commission, so look into cooking and baking-related subscription boxes you can promote with exit intent pop-ups. was a site dedicated to a specialized speaker that would connect via an audio jack (remember those?). 

But one thing that the previous owners did a masterful job with was public relations and promotion. This site has a backlink profile that would make even the most seasoned SEO salivate. 

To grow this site, instead of focusing on affiliate reviews of tech products and jumping on an endless treadmill of constantly updating those pages, I would focus on the tips and tricks and repair side of the tech industry.

Simple troubleshooting tips for common tech gadgets usually come with high traffic. A site like, at one point, was receiving over half a million page views per month ranking for terms like “creepy things to ask Alexa” and “no picture on tv” and “Samsung tv blinking red light.”

You’d be surprised how relatively easy it is to outrank large brands for common questions simply because they do not optimize their sites well enough for Google traffic. 

For monetization, display ads will be your best bet. But if you are naturally discussing all this tech, the occasional affiliate link to Amazon, Sweetwater, and B&H Photo will yield some lucrative returns.

I recently booked a cruise, and being the SEO guy I am, I couldn’t help but notice that the travel niche is bouncing back with a vengeance post-pandemic., one of the biggest players in this industry, gets nearly 4 million page views monthly, which is just wild. 

With that in mind, there is plenty of opportunity in the travel space, and is a great 2-word and brandable domain that is broad enough for you to hit any part of the travel niche and succeed. 

How I would grow

  • This site will require recreating several pages to maintain the link authority. But that is an opportunity, as the pages that need to be recreated are based on countries and obtaining visas. You could use that to create travel guides and list posts about travel destinations in those countries.

    There is enough traffic in popular tourist destinations to center entire content clusters or silos on one country.
  • For smaller commissions, I would focus on passport-related products and services. But for much bigger commissions, hotels, car rental, travel items, and luggage are the way to go.

    An affiliate program specific to travel would be which paid out nearly $60 million to travel bloggers and influencers in 2021 and 2022.
  • Display ads would also be a viable revenue stream, especially once you surpass the traffic minimums for the more popular ad networks. 

One last thing, topical authority is paramount. So I would create hard silos for each country being discussed.

This one is interesting. was an authority in retro-reflective coatings. This material reflects light, so you can be easily seen (especially at night) when riding a bike, jogging, or working on a construction site. 

And that will be our early focus with this site, high-visibility clothing. Two of the authorities in the space,, and, get over 230,000 page views per month. This is largely an untapped niche, as sites with domain ratings of under 30 are getting massive traffic.

How I would grow

  • Since all relevant backlinks point to the home page, it will be supercharged to support hub affiliate content and rank quickly.

    This will include keywords like the best high-visibility jackets, vests, shirts, decals, cycling gear, dog harnesses, etc. There’s a long list of possibilities.
  • Gain topical authority by answering common questions pertaining to safety and interlinking to money pages and other monetized content.

A more advanced monetization strategy that can work out for long-term viability and sustainability is adding an e-commerce store to the site sourcing high-vis products. 

The profit margins are pretty outstanding. A common safety reflective vest can cost about $1.50 per unit on Alibaba and sell in the United States for $7 to $14. There are a lot of other logistics there, but as long as you’re making more than you are spending, you will be ahead. 

Aged domains value will only increase over time

When it comes to building a business online, the debate between using a new domain or an aged one rages on. However, it’s widely recognized that aged domains offer real value in terms of indexing results. With tons of backlinks, powerful SEO, brandable names, and a history of the domain, aged domains can generate faster results despite the higher upfront cost. Chris has personally tested the growth of websites on several domains, and the results have been impressive.

If you’re having trouble finding a domain that works for you, be sure to check out the full inventory available on Odys Marketplace. With a wide range of options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect domain to help your online business thrive.

Digital Marketing Manager, Odys Global

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