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Our in-house pepperoni enthusiast is back with her selection of Odys domains and expert advice for their prospective growth.

This November, Shawna Newman selected four aged domains in the Finance, Legal, Cloning, and Gardening niches. Some important insights and tips on some of the domains with a clear monetization potential. Make sure to give Shawna’s picks a read.

While the personal finance niche can be a hard one to break into, this domain offers you a great entry point into the investing sub-niche. And it’s got some great niche relevant backlinks from places like Seeking Alpha and The Street. I also really love the domain name from a branding perspective.

Display ads in this niche tend to have a high RPM, but that should really only be an initial monetization strategy as other revenue streams should be much more profitable for you. Affiliate programs in the personal finance niche are known to have great payouts, so you’ll definitely want to review and recommend relevant products and services.

But the real focus here should be on creating your own products. I’ve had sites in this niche in the past and informational products do well here. In addition to ebooks, you can create courses on investing. A membership product would also be a great option, as long as you have the time to devote to it. And if you’re in it for the long haul and want to diversify a bit, this niche does well on YouTube. By creating a YouTube channel to go with the site, you’ll end up with an additional traffic source and revenue stream.

As someone who has moved abroad and gone through the visa process, I know how difficult it is finding quality information in this niche. If you’re up to the challenge, this domain is a great jumping off point for such a site, thanks to the high authority and highly relevant backlink profile.

Moving abroad searches always spike during election periods in the US, which makes that a great goal to target when launching the site.

With this domain I would focus primarily on informational content, which you can monetize with display ads and relevant affiliate offers. Don’t discount how effective travel affiliate offers are in this niche since the target audience likely is looking to travel to a new destination.

You’ll also do well with info products, like courses and ebooks, in this niche. I’ve seen a lot of relevant niche Facebook groups, which makes social media a great way to promote and grow this site.

Eventually you can add on a YouTube channel and a membership program to bring in more traffic and revenue.

If you want to get into the popular pets niche, then this domain has relevant history to help you rank for relevant terms. In my experience, display ads and affiliate programs are the best way to monetize a site in the pets niche.

However, with this niche you can easily expand into info products (like ebooks) and ecommerce. For ecommerce options, you can do something simple like print-on-demand shirts, mugs, and stickers targeting pet owners of specific dog breeds. Or, you can find products to private label and sell on Amazon or on your site.

I’ve had a few different pets sites over the years and I find that you’ll get the most traction with a site like this by niching down, so I recommend that you don’t try to make this a general pets site. Instead, do something like pick a few dog breeds, or maybe focus on something like small pets. Regardless of what you choose to focus on, the same monetization options apply.

Early this year, gardening sites and domains were some of the most-sought after in the industry. But that’s not what makes this a great domain. 

What makes this domain great is that it has a strong backlink profile with lots of high authority referring domains. I recommend using this domain to niche down and focus on house plants instead of general plants or gardening.

The easiest way to monetize such a site will be display ads, followed by affiliate links. In this niche, those methods alone can bring in a nice revenue stream for you. But if you really want to compete with the established sites and bring in even more traffic and revenue, then you’ll have to think bigger.

I recommend adding a YouTube channel to your list and using it to drive traffic to your site and bring in some additional money. You’ll notice that ebooks are a natural addition to sites in this niche, and offer you a new revenue stream. If you are good with plants yourself, then you could do courses or a membership program. And if you have the interest, then you can sell products through your, similar to what Kevin at Epic Gardening is doing.

Time to Hit It!

In a nutshell, it’s time for you to get an Odys domain and build a full-fledged business on it. Take your time, follow the advice above or check on other blueprints provided via the Expert Picks initiative – there 4 more experts sharing their thoughts on 4 handpicked domains each. The things Shawna outlines above can generally be applied to any domain you decide to build out a site on, if you find the right angle and perspective to interpret and implement them.

Don’t think any of these domains fit your needs, visit the Odys Marketplace – we’ve got 900+ domains in over 50 industries, so you’ll definitely find something that will be the right thing for you: Odys Marketplace.

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