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You can’t have too many experts at hand, right? Well, guess what – another SEO and affiliate marketing pro joined our ranks!

Please, welcome Mr. Jamie I.F. He runs Increasing.com – a blog dedicated to SEO, niche sites, and affiliate marketing – and owns a portfolio of multiple seven-figure niche sites. It’s safe to say that Jamie knows how to deal with aged domains like the back of his hand. This a fresh perspective on Odys domains, so make sure to give it a read.


Having previously sold premium women’s eyewear, this site is perfect for an authority site on eyewear and sunglasses – particularly if you want to stay close to the site’s previous focus on women.

The niche is full of high-paying affiliate programs, including Ray-Ban, eyeglasses.com, and large stores carrying a range of eyewear brands like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. The site’s premium feel lends itself well to these luxury eyewear products, with prices in excess of $100 and 10% commissions, it’s a lucrative niche that the site’s seed site links can help you rank for.

There are options for both informational and commercial content:

  • Commercial content via affiliate partners: “best womens reading glasses”, “best glasses for oval face”.
  • General email-baiting content: “what’s in style for women’s eyeglasses?” With an emailable PDF eBook on signing up, to start an email marketing sequence to convert affiliate sales.
  • Informational content (which you can still convert with): “what’s the difference between men’s and women’s glasses?”, “is it ok to wear oversized glasses”, “what is the average size for women’s sunglasses?”.


The drone industry is one of the fastest-growing areas in tech, projecting a CAGR of 25% between 2020 and 2030. This DR23 domain fast-tracks you to potentially enormous affiliate, info product and display ad success.

Start with articles on drone and RC plane parts to closely tie the site to its original spin, before expanding into informational, local lead gen, and affiliate content.

There’s almost infinite geographical and question keywords available for local drone and RC plane laws for cities, which could be done programmatically, as well as troubleshooting common problems for each of the most popular drones, with combinations between drone and problem creating hundreds of articles with search volume.

It’s also ideal for affiliate content – from standard best drone buyer’s guides to longer-tail “best heavy lift drones”, “best drones under $300” with lower competition. DJI dominates the industry, with drones costing $449 to over $2,000, all available on Amazon – or you can create a direct affiliate partnership with the company for higher commissions.

There are also info product opportunities for drone pilot coaching, as well as local search opportunities for drone services such as wedding photography, real estate, and more.


This site can easily be turned into a successful review site targeting microscope buyer’s guide and review keywords.

There are many buyer’s guide keywords “best microscope for kids”, “for students”, “best digital microscope”, and more, and microscopes are a far less competitive niche than most high-ticket product niches, with a DR 5 site currently ranking high for some of these affiliate keywords. 

For slightly higher in the buying journey, “how much are electron microscopes” has a DR 6 site collecting 2.3K traffic in position 2, which can offer lower-priced alternatives with affiliate offers based on the reader’s particular needs.

Quora ranks top 3 for many question keywords which suggest these are up for the taking, and there could be programmatic opportunities for content for “how strong a microscope do you need to see*” and other iterations.


While the name is perfect for even a larger authority site encompassing home or architecture, I recommend sticking with a more Lego-focused theme or more generally in building games and structure building, given the site’s previous focus on Lego architecture.

There are thousands of question keywords on Lego, and Lego has their own affiliate program (with many sets retailing for hundreds of dollars). You can combine the question answering and informational content strategy with affiliate plays by signing users up to an email list opt-in offer with a weekly highlight of the latest and greatest Lego sets available – sending users to buy them via your affiliate link.

You can also create content that converts to online courses on Udemy and other course sites with courses on Lego investing or Lego digital designing, or review sets to interested audiences (ideally even with video) for conversions.

Putting All the Eggs in One Basket? Stop.

Each Odys domain is packed with stuff to the top. Correctly using each part of that is the secret of any successful site built out on an aged domain. So, take the recommendations described above and put them to good use when building a site on one. And don’t forget, he’s got a portfolio of seven-figure niche sites, so heed his advice!

Don’t think any of the abovementioned domains fit your cause? Well, we’ve got over 900 of them in 50+ industries, so make sure to check them out on Odys Marketplace.

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