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Doug Cunnington

To put it bluntly, aged domains are an enormous aid for any modern business, whether a startup or an established enterprise. And this goes to niche sites, too.

Speaking of, we’ve got Doug Cunnington here, the founder of Niche Site Project, whom you could describe as a niche-site-knowitall. In his first Expert Picks of this year, Doug selected four Odys domains in the Education, Food, Marketing, and Environment niches and provided a growth blueprint for each of them. Check ‘em out below.

This was the passion site of a self-confessed history buff and teacher who enjoyed the weird and wonderful stories that history has to offer and sharing them with anybody willing to listen.  

This is a site that you could really have fun with if you’re a history buff. There are unlimited keywords you can target in this area. You could look at cool facts about different historical events. There is also the history of the world around us, from words and sayings we use to presidents and locations of interest. Building out silos will help you build topical authority in areas. A great way to generate traffic to this site would be by offering link magnets, such as quizzes teachers can use in the classroom. 

You could also have trivia questions and question sets for bar trivia. This could be a great way to build your email list too. Generally, you’d monetize with display ads since the content is informational in nature. But if you grow out the trivia question sets, you could sell them to people that run trivia nights at restaurants and bars.

If you are wanting to venture into the AI world, this could be a good niche for you to jump into. Since there is plenty of reference material, it would be straightforward to provide the AI tools with accurate information.

The was the site of a certified foodie, who discussed everything food in New Orleans. Including where they’d eaten, to what was going on in the New Orleans restaurant scene. It also covered general musings about food, recipes, and restaurant reviews.

With this domain, you could recreate a food site in the same format to make use of some of the amazing backlinks that this site has gathered. 

You could rebuild the site by looking at everything in the New Orleans food scene, from the best places to get authentic gumbo to the top farmer’s markets to buy your organic vegetables. 

If you lived in the area, you could go to the restaurant and other businesses to take photos and get first-hand accounts of your experience, like a travel or food writer. And no AI tool could recreate that content. 

Plus, you could have featured interviews with the chefs and others in the food scene. They’d love the coverage and likely share your content on social media. They might even link from their website. Seen at the domain name is so versatile you can replicate this for other states. If you can get writers from that area, you could also get some fantastic unique insights and photos to stand out from the crowd. 

You could monetize with display ads for the nonproduct food-related content. Then, you could expand to food tours or cooking class reviews so you could earn referral income. These can be very profitable, and it’s FAR less competitive than your typical product review website. Finally, you have some standard product reviews related to Louisiana cuisine.

This was the domain of a company focused on social media marketing. They ran conferences for bloggers and companies wanting to learn about social media marketing. There was a podcast attached to the brand, which interviewed persons involved in social media marketing. You could take a site with this background in many different directions. 

If you are a social media and/or marketing guru or could hire out these skills, you could offer B2B services through this site. Helping bloggers with their marketing and social media or, stepping up and offering service packages to companies could be a lucrative option for you.

If you are more ads focused in your approach, blogging about the latest trends in social media marketing is another option available to you. New social platforms, algorithm updates, and changes make it possible to find nearly endless informational keywords.

You could combine informational topics with reviewing the latest software in this space as an affiliate. There are so many apps associated with managing and scheduling social media posts. 

Additionally, there are courses by experts in the space, so the courses would be great to promote. Like software, courses are digital products and typically pay a much higher commission rate percentage.

Sustainability is a massive growing industry, and I can’t see that this is going to change any time soon. The renewable energy niche does tend to attract higher than average RPMs. 

I would rebuild some of the pages that are attracting a lot of links such as the pages on fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses.

Educational materials for children of all ages could be an excellent resource for teachers and parents, whilst driving traffic to the site for ad revenue. Great infographics will help attract backlinks to build authority without paying for links. 

Alongside this, I would do a whole topic cluster about how to make the home more environmentally friendly with ‘how to’ guides and informational content. Another cluster could be around reducing plastics in the home by using more sustainable products. These could also make great YouTube content and will no doubt reveal products that you could recommend.

Once the site has built some authority, I would look at moving into lead generation for higher-ticket items such as solar panels and home insulation. According to, the average starter solar panel installation is $13,000 to $18,000 — and that’s just the most basic 6kW system.

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Do Enough

Building out a successful site on an aged domain is pretty much like Tetris – you look for the best part combinations to get as many score points as possible (greater traffic, greater sales, etc.). Whether you decide to build an affiliate or lead-gen site, just keep looking for those combos. Don’t stop and don’t falter, but rather keep on moving and looking for solutions. And, of course, make use of the suggestions provided by Doug.

In case the domains covered above don’t meet your needs, you might want to check on our full domain inventory in the Odys Marketplace.

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