Odys Has Acquired Domainroundtable.com

Odys Global has acquired domainroundtable.com

Odys has acquired Domainroundtable.com, one of the best premium aged domains related to the domaining industry available today. The former domain was famous for domaining conferences in North America, which perfectly compliments Odys businesses associated with premium aged domains. While the company has not formally announced what they plan on doing with the domain, most people will be envious that this domain carries a great deal of prestige and clout. It can do a lot for the Odys brand, which is what makes it an exciting find. 

History of the Domain Roundtable 

Domainroundtable.com was a domain that hosted the website for Domain Roundtable Conference. It was an annual conference mainly organized by Name Intelligence, Inc, which are the same people behind www.whois.sc. The annual conference had over 250,000 registered members with millions of users at one point. The conference gave people a chance to “network with like-minded domain owners.”. 

Lots of valuable insight was shared during these conferences that ran through 2006. The conference brought together domain registrars, technical administrators, industry insiders, search engine optimization professionals, etc. 


It seems as though, and we hope in many ways that domainroundtable.com, gets a vibrant new second life. How exactly things pan out is still left to be seen, or the company may soon decide it. This is one of the many premium aged domains that Odys has acquired over the years across a myriad of industries and niches. 

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