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As we at Odys Global continue to commit to your businesses and entrepreneurial adventures, we also recognize the opportunity we have as a leader in the domaining community to create a better future.

As such, we have dedicated to promoting causes that benefit not only our community of users but the environment, world and even our history too. 

The Commitment to Conservation 

If you’ve read our previous article about Fertile Earth, you know that we are always on the lookout for ways to help improve the world that future generations will inherit. This holiday season was no different. 

As we contemplated which sales or discounts we should offer during the season we made the decision that our profits would help support the free internet but doing so wasn’t necessarily an easy task. We needed to find an organization dedicated to not only promoting education but also the preservation of what is available on the web. 

After discussion, lengthy research, and a few recommendations, we found the right candidate – 

What is 

We learned that Museums are more than paintings, archeology exhibits, and self-guided tours. Modern conservation requires expertise and curation. does exactly that.

It preserves historical digital content. Everything from Wikipedia entries, contemporary news articles, and even the funny gifs that made their rounds on social media are ‘archived’ for future retrieval. The goal is to allow scholars of the future to have a true picture of what life was like on the web during our lifetime and of future generations yet to come. We believe any historic endeavors of the future will rely on this repository of culturally significant content. 

From saved documents in libraries like The Encyclopedia of Islam to great works of artists worldwide, their mission improves the availability of digital artifacts from the past so that the academics of tomorrow can create the foundations for our future. 

The Result, Success. 

The holiday sale resulted in quite a surprise. Each purchase you made contributed not only to your own future but also directly to’s. As a result, we were able to make a contribution to their work. 

Thanks to your entrepreneurial spirit and generosity, we supported this valuable cause. And for this, we offer a humble, “Thank you”. On behalf of all of us here at Odys Global, we appreciate your support. 

Want to Join our Mission? 

We know there are many causes where we can make a difference. Vitamin deficiencies, food insecurity, and clean drinking water are all global problems we can solve together. So let us help you help them. 

You can join our mission to better the world in two ways:

Suggest a charity we can support or purchase a domain and content plan. Know that we are putting your funds to work. 

With your purchase of an aged domain from Odys Global you will gain more than premium backlinks and vetted SERPs. You will be helping us create a brighter world for everyone. 

Become a part of the Domain-Nation Today.

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