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Purchase your Premium Aged Domain with Crypto.

The crypto space has been exploding for years and continues to captivate investors as they diversify their portfolios in an effort to mitigate the uncertainty of today’s world. We recognize that changes and increased competition have dominated the minds of those who seek to create a future they can depend on. 

So, in an effort to support you on your journey, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with BitPay to offer the option to purchase any domain on our site with crypto!

Why We Chose to Adopt Crypto 

Just as crypto was and continues to be a market that inspires creativity and generates wealth, aged domains provide the opportunity for would-be investors to be light years ahead of their competition.

 At Odys Global, we curate aged domains that can save years or even decades of building authority. As a private community of affiliate marketing experts, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to gain a head start and improve our stance against the competition. Our members invest in the digital assets that help them achieve an explosive online presence, create sustained revenue and improve their ability to invest in the future.  

We have been watching the crypto space and always knew it would be only a matter of time before crypto was widely accepted. From ATM transactions to everyday purchases like your next grocery store trip, crypto will continue to be a part of our lives. 

So, we decided it was time to help create the future. By offering the option to purchase any domain on our site with crypto we hope to encourage future growth, spur creativity and improve the chances that your business achieves its dreams in the near future.

Why Use Crypto? 

Initially, the world banks and traditional investors balked at the idea of crypto ever gaining traction, while savvy industry leaders saw the potential and promise of a decentralized currency. Despite the doubts of others, the revolution has continued to gain a following, has been adopted by many multinational corporations, and will, in our opinion, continue to grow. We believe in a future that is yours. One whose direction needs your input and guidance so that it can become everything we dreamed of. It’s easy to imagine that a decentralized web 3.0 and world where the user dictates the content is right around the corner. We are ready to be a part of it and hope you are too.  

Is it easy? 

It will be! 

While we aren’t quite perfect yet we are almost there.

Because this payment option is still in beta, you will need to request to pay with crypto by creating a support ticket. We know this may be a mild inconvenience but promise it is worth your time. We are excited to join the crypto revolution and are working hard to offer you an even easier way to pay with crypto in the future.

For now, the process is fast and easy. Our dedicated team will be available for an immediate response to your inquiry so that you can purchase the domain you need immediately.

For more information visit our site, request access or view our other blogs.

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