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When an expert with a 7-figure niche site portfolio shares his knowledge and tips on building websites on aged domains, you’ve got to snatch that opportunity and try to apply new things to your projects as soon as you get an opportunity.

Jamie I.F. is exactly that expert. And he’s part of our Expert Picks initiative (obviously). This month, he selected 4 Odys domains in the Cryptocurrency, Food, Knitting, and Health niches. Just run through his recommendations – they’re all tried, tested, and actionable based on his own quite successful experience with niche sites.


You’ve probably heard about the crazy RPMs and affiliate commissions in the crypto niche – well, here’s a powerful two-word name with a history in crypto, and very prescient for what’s likely to come.

Crypto is known for its monumental rises and falls, and all signs point to a downturn and a re-analysis of how we trust exchanges and storage for our coins – the FTX controversy being the clearest example. Along with this shift towards cold storage, a site focusing on safe storage and crypto wallets is very timely. Ledger has a 10% commission rate as their starting rate (which can go higher), and exchanges like Binance have incredibly lucrative rates.

If you can position CoinTape as the arbiter of safety – safe storage, moving off exchanges, avoiding moonshot coins without the long-term tech – then you can effectively monetize via cold storage affiliate sales, and any exchange commissions if you do recommend the safest places to purchase crypto. It comes with a great name, decent domain authority to start you off, and the world’s most lucrative niche.


A DR19 domain in a potentially very profitable affiliate niche, this is a great opportunity for a narrowly focused niche site. Don’t go too wide in cookware – stick to grills and closely related products and information, and dominate from there.

Type in “best grill for *” and you’ll see how much potential this has. There are over 50 best buyer’s guides here with over 250 search volume, with other great ways to segment such as:

  • Best grill under $500
  • Best grill for apartment balcony
  • Best grill for outside kitchen

And useful supporting buyer’s guides like:

  • Best tool for cleaning the grill
  • Best pizza stone for grill

There’s also a great variety of informational topics to write about, though it is somewhat seasonal and you will have fluctuations in revenue. You can even branch out into digital products with video guides or ebooks about grilling different foods.


Very focused on display ads and information, rather than affiliate commissions, but the knitting niche contains more high-traffic, low-competition info keywords than almost any other niche I’ve ever examined.

Smaller sites like https://sheepandstitch.com/ drive large amounts of traffic, as does https://nimble-needles.com/, a DR30 with over 150K organic traffic according to Ahrefs, from only 270 indexed posts.

I wouldn’t recommend this one if you don’t have a passion for knitting or good knowledge, because it’s very tips-focused and visual, and if you can give the best information, and take the best photos, you’ll succeed. That said, being personable, and likable, and building your brand here could be huge: with enough of an audience, you could most likely move into selling your own white-label yarns and other materials.


This a great opportunity to snap up a short domain name with a little bit of domain authority, especially if you’re a fitness expert with deep knowledge of meal plans, routines, and sets to build muscle mass, and are comfortable being the face of your site.

I don’t recommend display ads for a site like this – I recommend high-quality, long-form content with visual infographics and ideally video (for explaining lifting form, or meal prepping, etc) to capture emails, and sell either digital products or coaching/consulting for people who want to get in better shape.

There are some affiliate opportunities in the space, as well as very lucrative opportunities in shoulder niches like supplements – but you may decide not to pursue these if you prefer to retain a completely clean personal brand.

You’ve Got All the Tools You Need

Naturally, before buying an aged domain, you must perform due diligence. But, when you buy from Odys Global, you have other people do it for you, saving you time (and, perhaps, money). Moreover, we strive to provide you with all the tools necessary, so you can kick-start your new online enterprise. Hence, the growth blueprints from our experts, including Jamie here.

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