Carl’s Picks – Clothing, Tech, Outdoors, and Food Niches

Carl Broadbent never ceases to amaze with his approach to using aged domains and their consequent growth. His blueprints are always fun and educational to go through since they’re packed with useful tips and ideas.

This time, Carl selected 4 domains in the Clothing, Tech, Outdoors, and Food niches. Make sure to check his detailed recommendations below.

The Upcycling and swapping niche is a growing trend, as more and more people become increasingly aware to different ways of reducing waste and creating a more sustainable style of living.

Also, as the economic and financial crisis takes hold, more people are looking for ways to reduce their monthly outgoings and even try to create another source of income by selling old items.

Even Gary V did his part with the whole garage sale series on TikTok and YouTube. It’s said that in 2022, 82% of homes in the USA have used coupons on a regular basis. Money saving websites and YouTube channels have seen an unprecedented increase in Popularity.

Swapping and recycling is a huge market now and this domain will give anyone wanting to capitalize on the increasing popularity can get a head start on the competition.

What I would do:

  • Recreate the most popular pages with backlinks with fresh and new ideas.
  • Build a blog section and start to offer advice and money saving tips.
  • Test what’s still working and ranking by publishing 10-15 articles across different topics. After a few months look at the data and then target the keywords/Topics that show the best potential.
  • Monetization could come from digital products like: Meal planners, Printable To do lists and Children’s school projects, Directory or market place for people to buy and swap items.
  • Create interest with a Facebook and other social media platforms.

In the ever expanding world of online interactions, security is one of the number one concerns for most companies and regular people using online platforms to make everyday purchases.

This domain has kept the same security relevance throughout its 9 years, making it perfect for a new owner to continue to grow its authority around this topic. With the growth of online transactions and interaction, so too will the need for security information.

I know myself as I have typed a few searches last month for questions I needed to be answered regarding VPN and also email security. The search volumes on these keywords suggest I’m not alone.

What I would do:

You could take these two ways….

  • Firstly, product. Buy, create or promote one security feature that you can really be the authority in and own that search term.
  • Second option: Turn it into a blog for information based keywords. The affiliate programs that could work for this type of niche pay substantial commissions and often recurring.
  • Ensure the main powerful links associated with this domain are still live and active.
  • Recreate the pages if the content or product is no longer available or redirect to more relevant pages. 9 authority links are attached to this domain which is amazing.
  • I would be tempted to focus more on affiliate programs with 20-50% commissions over display ads. Unless traffic numbers dramatically increase, then a few carefully placed ads will provide easy income without distracting from product sales.

This domain has been focused for one event but I would not let that put me off. The connection with running and especially running events is still there. My first thought when I saw this was a directory style or membership platform for running events around the world providing information for each local event.

A quick search for smaller running events like the Portland Marathon, has over 5000+ searches for the main keyword. Then attach all the secondary keywords and that marathon alone will have over 20k+ searches.

You could also sell advertising space for events. Charge the event owners to have ad placements inside the directory. You could even have a clothing e-commerce store for running apparel.

The possibilities are endless, I’m just glad this is very specific and focused rather than something broader like exercise as an example.

What I would do:

  • Build a marathon and half marathon directory page and create an “Advertise here section“, give away FREE advertisement slots until your traffic grows. It’s a great way to link build as they will share your post to their audience.
  • Write blog posts about marathons and training for them to help Google figure out that you’re stepping away from that one Landrun100 event.
  • Social media would be great for a hobby like running and marathons, and being active inside those platforms will get instant interest in the new website.
  • Before all of this ensure links are active and still providing link juice. Check links included like and ensure the content is brought up to date or redirected if not to more relevant content.
  • I would also consider an e-commerce application on the site if you can work closely with an affiliated brand in running apparel.
  • A app for event searches could also prove a wise investment.

I know many people will see this and think “Oh, no a cooking site, this niche is saturated”, but trust me, it isn’t.

The size of the market share is huge and traffic numbers are crazy. Search (brown butter chocolate chip cookies) and see how many main searches there are for that keyword alone and multiple sites ranking for it on page one are lower than DA45.

Yes, they have some backlinks but page one for this keyword is not impossible. A few Pinterest shares, infographic downloads, free recipe card share, and you’ll be able to land on page one and gain some strong traffic numbers.

You can even use tools like ChatGPT and Openai to create recipe cards for you. I do with the niche didn’t have (THE) in the beginning of the title. But, it’s not a deal breaker for me.

I think with the age and authority this domain has, you can hit the ground running and gain traffic traction quickly

What I would do:

  • A lot of the old content of the site can be reused so take a look at the archive and see what’s still relevant and where the powerful links are pointing.
  • Start to write evergreen blog post before recipes. Gain traffic from low volume keywords to kick start the domain again.
  • Pinterest would be my number one social platform where I would post free recipe cards.
  • Faceless YouTube recipes would also be good; easy to make and will provide an instant link and traffic source.
  • Ensure the theme is user-friendly and mobile focused. Light colours and easy to read, larger font size for recipe downloads and easy to read whilst cooking.
  • Infographics would be great and shareable.
  • Cook books or a PDF would be good for building an email list, You could promise to email them a new recipe each week.
  • Weekly food planning guides are another great way to build a following. If it’s free and emailed directly to them weekly they will give up their email address for that.

The Devil Is in the Details

One of the most important lessons from Carl’s work as well as the blueprints above is that you have to take every detail into account when working on an aged domain. Odys domains are a fruitful basis for successful projects, whether a side hustle or full-blown business, no doubt. But any good soil requires constant work and attention to bring rich fruit. And so do aged domains.

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