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Aged domains are a proven launching pad for today’s businesses in pretty much any niche and industry you can think of. Doug Cunnington of Niche Site Project is yet another proof to this as he himself has built multiple successful sites on aged domains. 

This time Doug selected 4 domains in the Careers, Business, Gaming, and Travel niches and, naturally, provided his insightful, actionable recommendations for their prospective growth.

You could continue similarly to the podcast, looking at ‘different’ career and business opportunities and writing informational articles about these. 

This is naturally going to lead to remote working, making money online, and entrepreneurship genres, for which there is no end of topics to discuss. There are also no end of courses to be reviewed and products to be recommended in this niche. 

Once you’re up and running with the site, you could revive the podcast or add a YouTube channel. Some of the podcast episodes are still live, so if you need inspiration, they are there for you.

If new tech (especially SaaS) products are your thing, this domain is perfect for you.

You could act as an affiliate for the likes of AppSumo, and ProductHunter, as well as other SaaS products.  You could review and compare the products, then refer readers for the sale.

It’s great to review products on sites like AppSumo since the deals are great, often lifetime deals. So the potential buyers are saving on what they would buy anyway.

The SaaS tools space is competitive, but with a lot of them working on monthly reoccurring payments for subscribers/affiliates, this can be a very lucrative niche to work in. Plus, many reviewers don’t actually review the products in a thorough way. 

So if you can provide higher quality reviews with screenshots and real comparisons, you stand a great chance to beat the competition. If you went further, then you could create a YouTube channel with video reviews and tutorials.

You can also stick in the gadgets and tech field, then have reviews and news about new products. You can still be an affiliate for the products, but you’d also have a chance to get traffic via Google Discover or even Google News. That would make Google organic traffic less important.

As this domain was so diverse in the first place, you can take this in multiple directions. You could continue reviewing children’s online games, which would tie in nicely with a YouTube channel. 

You could add more informational articles, such as, ‘Best online games for children with ADHD”, “Top online game of kids with a short attention span” etc. There are hundreds of keywords like this you can target and act as an affiliate for your recommendations.  

You could also cover info for parents wanting to keep their kids safe online. You could review software that helps lock down gaming PCs, internet access, phones, and other devices. Of course, you could be an affiliate for those products.

You could branch out beyond kids’ games too — which would be a much bigger market. Since gaming PCs are expensive, you could review and recommend those high ticket products. Plus, there are so many related accessories that fit perfectly within the niche.

With over 1.2 million people visiting the Hawaiian islands every year, there is certainly enough potential traffic to make this project lucrative.

You could structure this site by island and cover EVERY TOPIC that you can possibly think of by island, from the best places to surf, where to eat the best loco moco, to the geology, forna and flora of the island.   

One of best ways to monetize a location based site is reviews of tours. You can refer people to walking food tours, snorkeling, excursions, surfing lessons, cooking lessons and much more.

You could also cover information for persons wanting to buy property, or move to the islands. 

It would be amazing if you could go to the island and grab some original pics/videos, and first-hand experience to write about. If you can’t, you could jump into some local, or travel Facebook groups to find people already traveling to the area and pay them to capture what you need.

Whatever the Niche, It’s Still a Business

One of the crucial things to understand before diving into the deep waters of site building, you should set your mind to taking care of it as a full-fledged business. Otherwise, the chances of succeeding are very slim. Hence, take the expert’s advice and apply it to your projects.

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