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Getting expert advice is always an inspiring and soothing experience, especially if your business can start blooming after you implement it. 

Doug Cunnington of Niche Site Project selected 4 Odys domains in the Business, Marketing, SEO, and Survival niches and provided detailed insight into the ways each of them can be used and evolved to become a self-sustaining business. 

Check Doug’s aged domain picks below.

I would look at rebuilding some of the pages that were ranking before and ensure that the information is current. The same could be replicated for the US audience, looking at business partnerships and funding grants available for small start-ups by State.

From here, I would pivot to look at building resources and informational articles to help entrepreneurs and small businesses. There are almost endless ideas since you can cover different areas for different businesses — for example, digital marketing for restaurants, photographers, small retail shops, auto repair, or any business. Instead of digital marketing, you could publish other info content for increasing lifetime customer value or setting up systems or bookkeeping or reducing costs… And so on. You can mix and match and have nearly endless keywords to target.

This would lead to digital courses looking at different elements, such as mindset, market research, pulling together a business plan, finances, marketing, and so on. I would start with referring visitors to other courses so you can be an affiliate.

With such a broad history of sales and marketing, you could take this site in several directions. I think it’s perfect for somebody wanting to offer B2B sales and/or marketing services. Those services could be digital marketing, outbound marketing, content marketing, or social media marketing, to name a few.

Regardless of the direction you want to take this site, I would rebuild some of the top traffic-generating pages, adding your slant and brand to these articles. Then I would target the low competition keywords to build authority in the area.

I would reach out to some of the biggest influences in your chosen marketing niche and offer to do work for them for free in exchange for a testimonial (and maybe a shout-out!). You can add this to your site to build your Expertise, Authority, and Trust (or EAT).

Alternatively, you could do expert, text-based interviews to the same effect if you didn’t want to do free work.

As normal, I like to find digital products, like courses, that you can review and recommend. Then, you can earn high commission rates since online courses usually have high margins.

With a good authority to start off with, you have the potential to hit the ground running in the B2B space. This could be perfect if you are a designer, developer, SEO, or digital marketer. If you don’t have those skills, you could outsource the work or offer lead gen to people in the space.

In fact, to keep it simple at the start, I would either be an affiliate for existing agencies or find an agency that offers white label services. With the white label service, you could focus on the marketing, and your white label agency would focus on the delivery.

The site did not have a blog roll. I would publish articles targeting low-comp keywords that can serve to direct people to the services you offer. How-to articles are great for this since you can teach people, but if they don’t want to do the work independently, they can hire someone to do it.

For those who are unaware, the .ws domain extension is the TLD for the country of Samoa. For this reason, I would re-establish the site on its original domain before transferring it over onto a .com. This means you are more likely to capture the US and Western traffic, which is generally the most profitable.

The old site doesn’t appear to have been touched for a few years. I would look at adding new news articles and updating the tech articles about the weapons and gadgets the army is using. This should get the site back up to date.

If you are a hunter, then you could expand that area. There are so many products to review and informational topics to cover.

Generally, I would focus on army life from beginning to end. I would look at informational articles on planning for a career in the army, including the best hints and tips for prepping for this, to survival guides for being away from home, as well as guidance for partners and children left at home, and then a section for veterans, looking to transition back into civilian life and potentially employment.

I’d anticipate that finding veterans as writers and partners left at home would be fairly simple and that their perspectives would provide a site like this with authenticity. You could do expert, text-based interviews where you ask questions via email to veterans. That would help the Expertise, Authority, and Trust (or EAT) for the site.

If an authority site is your end goal, I would consider redirecting this site to a new/ different domain that would cover all military service.

Build Authenticity to Build Authority

Whatever the niche you build your business in, it’s crucial to remain authentic and true to your cause. Selecting the right domain for your business is half the battle in achieving success. And if you do it with an Odys domain, you get a stepping stone you won’t get with a new domain in terms of authority and brand visibility.

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