Ben Mayz and How an Aged Domain Changed his Life

We’ve had the privilege of working with many talented individuals who inspire us with their enthusiasm and surprise us with their ingenuity. Ben Mays is one of these exceptional humans who has undertaken a journey to transform his world by dedicating himself to his online business.

Ben’s story inspired us to interview him and discover exactly how his Odys journey had, in his words, changed his life for the better.

You can find more about Ben on his Youtube Channel here or on his Instagram here.

From Food Stamps to a Six-Figure Business Owner

When Ben answered the  phone, his tone was reverent and excited. He was speaking to us from inside his dream car, a Corvette that he repeatedly told us was still a strange thing to adjust to owning.

Flew down to Dallas Texas to buy my dream car, a corvette, in cash.

He said he had been driving a beat up green soccer mom car from the 90’s that looked like it would barely even make it to the junk yard.

“It still does not feel real, as a kid I always dreamed of owning a corvette and now I am sitting in one. I don’t think I have fully absorbed everything yet”

Naturally, we asked him how it all began. 

“I started by reading on a forum called BlackHatWorld and then somehow got myself into dropshipping, but I realized that this was definitely not the way to go. Started reading a bit more and came across a very inspiring journey. That journey motivated the hell out of me and that’s what got me into affiliate SEO. It was not all sweet and dandy though as I had a ton of learning to do and it took me quite some time to notice that the competition in this field of work was getting very rough.” 

From early on, Ben realized that starting with a new domain was extremely hard and it would take too long to grow. “Starting on a new domain is actually setting yourself up to fail” he said. This was when he discovered Odys and bought his first premium aged domain. “I had high expectations already but it just took off.”

Ben spent about 18 months on building his website and ended up selling it on Empire Flippers for six figures. 

“It’s funny too, because if I would have just buckled down a bit more in the beginning instead of lolligagging around i could have done this in a shorter amount of time. I just kept making mistake after mistake and it started taking its toll.” He said.

His success wasn’t overnight though. After college, an injury had left Ben without work for two years.

ben mayz

The injury that would set me back over 2 years. 7 surgeries later and it’s still not right.

Unable to walk for almost en entire year. “I was living off government assistance, my parents support, and living in their basement. I had to pee in a bottle and was not able stand for more than 15 seconds without my foot wanting to explode from the swelling. Thankfully I had loving parents and an extremely caring girlfriend that helped get me through. But it scared the sh** out of me. But, one thing it did do was light a fire under me to get my ass in gear or become a nobody. Slight funny part though, I actually took over my parents master bedroom for a big part of my injury. They were not happy about that haha” he said.

“Complete life change. From being flat broke and having the government and my parents literally supporting my entire existence to… Like I’m legit sitting in my Corvette right now. I bought a Corvette in cash, paid my surgeries off and my school bills. It’s hard for me to even express my appreciation toward Odys. This is why my words are coming out with such emotion and gratitude towards Alex” His words came out with overwhelming emotion. 

“I was in debt over $30k,” he told us. From surgeries to school loans, Ben was underwater. But he didn’t let it hinder his performance. He continued to learn and was determined to find a way out of it, going to several domain brokers before finding Odys. 

Combine this with medical bills and I knew i was going to drown if I did not make something happen

“I no joke, this is no BS trying to help Odys out or anything, I literally have worked with more than 5 other domain brokers and nothing, literally absolutely nothing. Nothing. Even came close to the caliber of domains that Odys had.” He said with certainty.

“When I bought my first domain, I was inexperienced and didn’t know what I was doing. I initially thought the domain was bad. The CEO of Odys, Alex Drew, told me, ‘No it’s not, you need to do this instead.’ I bothered the heck out of him with newbie style questions and still no matter how many questions I asked, Odys was always there to guide me. This domain is now my most profitable one.”

Scaling Up

After buying from Odys, Ben realized that scaling his websites took 25% of the time that it would have taken him to do so with a brand new domain. So he started expanding his business. “Right now, I have 18 or 19 people working for me. 5 of them are full time. It takes a lot of work.” He said that he was still getting started and about to buy many more domains in the future.

“I actually sold my business on my birthday. January 26th. It’s funny too, well actually insanely wreckless, I quit my job I had on the same day I sold my website. But I actually quit before knowing my business would ever even sell.

Four hours after I got off work, i had a voicemail saying my site had sold at full list price of $103k.”

Ben’s initial investment paid more than tenfold, both in terms of profits and lifestyle changes. “I went from a literal hell hole of a place where my car got broken into, to now living in a badass loft downtown.” And he is still in his mid-twenties.

Ben kept praising Odys during our call. “There is an upcharge on the domains, they get can get up there, but if you are smart, you know this is, quite honestly, the best investment that will not last much longer. There is nobody better that I have found. And trust me I have looked. It’s crazy, Odys is awesome. The marketplace is ten scales above any other. I’m seeing the marketplace is getting bought up a bit sooner than I expected and don’t want to miss out. Fitness is competitive as can be too, so I’m buying all the domains! ”

“I just recently bought two more from Odys, yes two haha, and the first one, without putting any effort into it whatsoever has already started growing faster than I expected.”

One of the most recent domains I bought from Odys started growing before I even gave it any effort.

Initially starting in the boxing niche, he transitioned into fitness as the products were more expensive and profitable. 

Advice for the Inspired 

“The most important thing to look for is the number of referring domains to the home page,” shared Ben. “You don’t want to have a domain with links to many pages. You want links going to the home page. It’s extremely hard to find a good ratio of internal links versus home page ones but Odys’ domains are always on the good ratio.”

Additionally, Ben considers how long the domain has been down. He knows that with Odys, the domains have never been offline for too long. “I also look for good content anchors. Are there generic brandable anchors? You don’t want to buy a domain with spam anchors.”

Ben shared with us that he recognizes Odys as the most trustworthy and the biggest provider. “If anybody is reading this, you need to know that you have to have a ton of tech to scout for domains like these. Everything I am saying right now too, this is no BS, Odys is the best there is. Tell whoever hears this, if they find somebody better, to let me know because I have looked and know this game now and have found nobody even close. I don’t plan to buy from anyone other than Odys.”

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