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Azedine Djedid is an entrepreneur with over a decade of dedication to his craft who has spent years curating custom sites to help small businesses. His expertise and commitment propelled him to become an expert in the SEO industry. 

After searching for an ideal niche aged domain provider, he discovered Odys and has been a raving fan ever since. In this case study, Azedine shares journey with Odys and how that has affected his online business. 

Discover how your journey compares to his, along with some useful tips for implementing the best practices. 

Azedine Djedid’s journey with Odys

As we began our conversation, Azedine was not only eloquent and personable. He agreed to share his story with our audience as he was passionate about what he does and the results he has achieved.

Tell us about your experience. How did you begin in your industry? 

I began at 27 years old in Venezuela (I went to Venezuela when I was 23, I didn’t even know a single word in Spanish). From the 90s to the early 2000s, the Internet started picking up. There was a marketplace in South America called, “Mercado libre,” an Argentinian startup (It’s like Amazon FBA). There, I was trying to test buying products and slowly I learned how to sell online. It gets time-consuming because you have to do a lot of work. Later, I started helping local businesses to get clients.   

It sounds like you were very busy

I was doing just two things. I went from work to the gym and then back to my basement doing keyword research. Which wasn’t easy. But slowly, I was learning how ranking works. Even on my break, I would eat at my computer to keep working. I often didn’t have a break at all. I was sleeping for only 4 hours per day.

And what were the results from that? 

When I got my first commission of 5 EUR, it pushed me to keep going. I was excited. The more you grow, the more you get addicted, and the more you want to work. 

In 2017, I resigned from my day job and decided to keep pushing the growth and it went nuts. I built the Spanish, French, and Italian sites. 

“After I bought my first domain from Odys, the website went from zero traffic to 3K views each day in less than six months. It was one of the best domains ever. It just kept growing and growing.”

What issues did you face when using other services? 

You never know if the domain name has been spammed. Even after “winning the bid,” the auction still might not allow you to purchase it. It can be a waste of time.

“There is no comparison to what Odys sells.” 

I’ve compared the backlink profiles of other providers against Odys. There was no comparison. When you start looking for something better then you find the best service out there. I’m not trying to promote Odys but when you test the service, the results speak for themselves.

Benefitting From Fast Growth and Good Backlinks

What was the setup like? Was it quick? 

The process from buying a domain to getting it transferred took less than 24 hours. It didn’t even take a week to see traction. The growth was too fast. It just kept growing. It has a good backlink profile. The domains I bought were never spammy and had good backlinks. 

How was the customer service? 

Even sometimes during the weekend, you can text the Odys team and they will answer right away. My experience with the Odys customer support has been wonderful and keeps getting better.

Were you ever looking for something you couldn’t find with Odys? 

I have no complaints. It’s an easy process. The platform has been diversified for every niche. You have the ability to choose the categories that you want. And if you don’t like any of the domains, you can request pre-ordered domains.

Any advice for those starting out? 

The more you grow, the more you get addicted. But it’s not easy.

“Forget about passive income. If you keep complaining about time and cashflow, you will never move forward. The more you work, the better things get.”

It sounds like Odys provided everything you needed. If there were three key takeaways for you, what would they be? 

  1. The more you work, the better things get
  2. When it comes to site-building, you have to be attentive and active. 
  3. Save time and hassle by choosing a domain that has been vetted by Odys. 

Ready to discover how Odys can provide value for your online business? 

Azedine Djedid is an inspiring entrepreneur who was kind enough to spend time with us to help us understand how he created his roadmap to success. While we love to hear from established professionals like him, we also want to hear from you. 

Have you found an ideal aged domain provider? 

How does your business generate traffic year after year? 

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