Shawna’s Choice – Art, Comics, Humor and Entertainment Niches

Did anyone say that a business should necessarily be as serious as the Manhattan Project? One’s entrepreneurial endeavors may take any shape or form. Moreover, one’s business can be fun, artsy, and exciting, above all else.

Seems like this is what Shawna Newman of Skipblast was thinking of when selecting her 4 domains for this month’s Expert Picks initiative. It’s all about Art, Comics, Humor, and Entertainment on behalf of Ms. Newman. Read up and enjoy!

If you enjoy having a laugh, then this domain provides a great opportunity in an evergreen niche.

With a long history of sharing jokes, puns, and funny cartoons, this domain is a natural launch pad for a site focused on all of those things. It is easy to monetize this type of content with display ads, but I wouldn’t stop there.

I would also focus on affiliate commissions promoting things like funny gift ideas or even gag gift ideas. In addition to offering you a new revenue stream, content like this tends to do well when promoted on social media.

A natural extension for a site like this, assuming you are growing it for the long term, would be to branch out into all things stand-up comedy. This gives you the opportunity to create informational content on how to be a stand-up comedian, as well as content about popular stand-up comedians. You can use this content cluster as a springboard for a course or ebook targeting people who want to learn how to do stand-up.

With a strong history in the web page design niche, this domain is perfect for the evergreen and profitable niche of software and web design tools and services.

You’ve got the opportunity to create both informational content as well as commercial content. For the commercial content, you can promote a wide variety of affiliate offers for things like site builders, web hosting, and WordPress plugins.

For the informational content, I would focus on ToFu content first so that you can lead those site visitors to your commercial content. Of course, you can also monetize your informational content with display ads.

Such a site would also benefit from a complementary YouTube channel, which offers both a potential revenue stream and a way to direct more traffic to your website.

For those long-term site holders, an ebook and/or course is another revenue stream that would bolt on nicely with the affiliate and display ad streams.

While this domain was for an app that helped you create 3D videos to share online, the strong backlink profile lends well to it being used to create a site in a similar niche.

I would use this domain to create a site focused on helping video creators – people who want to get started on YouTube as well as TikTok. I’m thinking along the lines of a how-to site on everything you need to know to be successful on YouTube or TikTok.

While the primary content focus should be informational, you also have the opportunity for affiliate content promoting things like TubeBuddy and other software. Of course, you’ll have display ads for your revenue stream from the informational content.

Instead of covering both YouTube and TikTok at the same time, I recommend picking one and doing a full topic cluster (or as full as you can) before moving on to the other. Which should you choose first? If you have more experience in one than the other, then choose that one. Otherwise I don’t think it really matters.

Eventually you could grow this domain to a full-fledged brand with a variety of revenue streams. In addition to info products, like courses and ebooks, you have the opportunity here for a membership forum or group, coaching, and consulting. And if the brand grows to truly dominate the space and become a leader in online video creator education, you could do live events like a conference.

If you are an Auckland local, or just have a strong interest in the city, then this domain offers a great opportunity to enter the travel niche for this location.

Travel is a great niche to enter because the RPMs for display ads tend to be quite high. You also can earn affiliate money from a site like this through things like the affiliate program.

For such a niched down domain though, you also have the opportunity to promote a lot of localized content on the site. This is when it’s helpful to either be a local or have a writer who is local. 

The benefit of the type of content that targets locals, and not travelers, is that it also offers you the chance to add a new revenue stream selling ad space to local businesses. You can even have a separate newsletter for locals where you sell direct ad space.

Products are a great way to add an additional revenue stream to a site like this. Things like calendars, t-shirts, poster, and coffee mugs are items that will appeal to both locals and travelers. Those types of products can also be done using POD providers, meaning that you don’t have to worry with storing and shipping products yourself.

Laugh, Grow, Scale

The number of ways of running an online business is seemingly endless. While most of the businesses are strictly focused on product consumption, taking a turn in a more entertainment and artsy direction is a healthy alternative to the overpopulated product promoting niches. The domains above are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s always more.

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