Jamie’s Picks – Animation, Tech, Toys, and Energy Niches

Much like science, business loves young minds. Jamie I.F. is on the younger side of our Expert Picks roster, but he’s already an accomplished entrepreneur with a portfolio of seven-figure sites.

Jamie selected 4 domains in the Animation, Tech, Toys, and Energy niches to tackle their growth potential. You can see what he’s come up with below.


An excellent, powerful, and risk-free aged domain (it was literally a blog on animation previously, so there’s perfect synergy), this is a great pick for a niche site on animation and related topics like VFX, 3D rendering, cartoon and comic animations, and more.

The site ranked for almost 8000 keywords at the start of 2022 with over 500 indexed pages, so it’s probably one of the easiest aged domains to resurrect full of content. 

From there, writing animation guides, and rankings of the best software will be lucrative:

  • Software ad RPMs are notoriously high,
  • Software affiliate commissions are not only large, but sometimes recurring,
  • You can also earn affiliate commissions recommending animation courses on Udemy.

There are sites such as businessofanimation.com/ with good traffic despite being just DR13, and you shouldn’t have much issue outranking them for these same keywords with this more powerful domain.


A great one-word domain name, and a powerful DR27 domain that was previously a 3D graphics design company, this is an ideal software affiliate-focused site covering 3D graphic design tools like 3D modeling, CAD, sculpting, rendering, architecture software, and other related design software tools.

Not only is this great for recurring affiliate commissions, but software RPMs are often very high, so it’s a very lucrative niche. I suspect you’d also have ample opportunities for selling sponsored content or guest posts if you chose to go down this route.

You could even pivot into digital products via downloadable premium 3D models, and in fact, the domain originally sold 3D models, if you wanted to pursue this strategy.


This domain has links from The Guardian, Telegraph, Bustle, and more – and previously sold kids’ toys, so it’s perfect for a site on:

  • Toys (particularly classic toys, and educational toys),
  • Games / board games,
  • General vintage collectibles for kids.

People have strong emotional connections with the toys of their childhood, so with the right content and way of showing it, you could build a very engaged email newsletter from SEO content, and sell sponsored content, newsletter ads, and earn from affiliate programs if you recommended certain toys to buy.

Or, you could continue operating the domain how it was previously operated, and dropship classic retro toys if you can find a stockist.


With links from Wikipedia, BBC, Yell, and more, you have all the seed sites you need to immediately present as an authority.

The site’s previous focus on energy makes it a good candidate for a content site on clean and alternative energy, and more general content on geophysics.

The name Geokinetics is a great name, and comes with a powerful history: the original Geokinetics Inc went bankrupt in 2018 and the assets were sold for $20 million. You’d be buying a powerful domain with a rich history, perfectly positioned for an authority site that could earn from sponsored content and guest posting.

There are long-tail keywords for informational queries on alternative energy sources you could target and earn from display ads, but this niche does not appear to be ideal for affiliate marketing – but lead gen could possibly work.

Build without Fear

There are tons of tools for building a successful site using an aged domain. Some of them are even an integral part of any Odys domain! Just take advantage of them and heed Jamie’s advice to create a solid authority website that would become a constant source of income for you.

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