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If you are selling or purchasing domains on Odys Domain Market (“Marketplace”), the following additional terms and conditions (“T&Cs” and/or “Agreement”) apply. By submitting your domains for sale, you explicitly agree to these T&Cs.

Marketplace "venue"

If you are selling or purchasing domains on Odys Domain Market (“Marketplace”), the following additional terms and conditions (“T&Cs” and/or “Agreement”) apply. By submitting your domains for sale, you explicitly agree to these T&Cs.

Customer status; Accurate information

To participate in any Marketplace transaction, You must have a valid Odys customer account. You agree to thoroughly, accurately, and honestly complete all forms and requests for information by Odys throughout the Transaction process. You understand and agree that Odys will not be responsible for any false or misleading information You provide, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Accepted listing

If it is determined that your domain submission has not been accepted, you will be notified via email that your request has been declined. Domains will be rejected when they do not meet our quality standards, such as:

  • Brandable Names
    This means the domain should be short, readable, and pass the radio test, which would make it a great brand itself;
  • Spam Free
    We strictly monitor the domain history for abuse, spam, or any artificial SEO practices and do not list such domains;
  • Trademark-free
    By checking domains for live trademarks or trademark infringements, we prevent legal issues for the new owner;
  • Built-in SEO
    Domains listed via Odys should be powered by a considerable volume of high-quality organic references from authority websites such as Forbes.com, BBC.co.uk, and others.

Current domain sales ("listings")

You understand and agree that You are participating in a Listing Transaction by submitting a domain for sale in the Marketplace as a seller on behalf of Yourself or a third party (“Seller”); Your participation in a Listing Transaction, constitutes an explicit agreement of these T&C’s for Yourself and/or the third party You represent. Further, you agree to the Commission rates applicable to your listing based on the domain price threshold, as it follows:

  • For domains priced up to $10,000 — 30% commission from the sale price;
  • For domains ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 — 25% commission from the sale price;
  • For domains priced $50,000+ — 20% commission from the sale price.

Placing a listing

When You submit a domain for sale on Odys marketplace, You understand that this will advertise as a means of advertising on Your behalf that Your domain name is available for sale to third parties (“Listing”). By placing a Listing, You represent and warrant that: (I) You have all rights, titles, and interests in the domain name as necessary to complete the Transaction; (II) the domain name does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party; (III) You are able to transfer the domain name in accordance with Your obligations under this Agreement; and, (IV) the domain name is not currently, and will not in the reasonably foreseeable future be, the subject of a UDRP dispute, administrative proceeding, or any criminal or civil litigation of any kind.

Payment and transfer

You understand and agree that these payment and transfer terms apply to Listing Transactions wherein the Listing specifies a fixed price (“Domain Sale”). You understand and agree that transfer of the domain name from the Seller’s Registrar account to the Buyer’s Registrar account will not be completed until Odys has received timely and valid payment. Upon a successful sale, the Seller shall issue an invoice ( the sale price minus the commission, which is the net value of the sold goods excluding marketing deals, partnership programs, or cash-backs). You understand that upon selling the domain, Odys Premium subscribers will be eligible for a discount of up to 15%. This will affect the final sale price and reduce the commission. Furthermore, domains listed on the Odys marketplace can be sold during promotions, but discounts are limited to 15%. Payment to the Seller shall be due within ten (10) days from the date of the invoice. Acceptable forms of payment include the following:

  • Wise transfer;
  • PayPal;
  • Stripe. By participating in a Domain Sale transaction, You understand and agree that Odys, without liability to You or any third party, may suspend, delete, cancel, interrupt, reverse or otherwise undo a Domain Sale transaction by reversing payment, deleting account credit, moving a domain name back into a Seller’s account or into a separate holding account, or by taking any other action it deems necessary in its sole discretion in the event of dispute, fraud, abuse, mistake, error, or any other circumstances that Odys determines in its sole discretion to necessitate the interruption or reversal of a Domain Sale transaction.

Completed sales

Once the Listing Sale is complete, whether by way of the Domain Sale feature or other payment and transfer arrangement, You acknowledge and agree to facilitate the domain ownership transfer and assist with the transfer of funds to you. You have to send an invoice to [email protected] with the following details:

  • INVOICE no
  • INVOICE Date
  • Due Date

  • Customer (Broker) details
    Odys Global OÜ
    Reg no: 14248077
    VAT ID: EE102003167
    Sepapaja tn 6
    15551 Tallinn

  • Vendor (Customer) details
    Name of company/Person
    Reg no
    VAT ID
    Bank Name/PayPal Adress
    Account Number


In the event of a dispute concerning, relating to, or arising out of a Listing Transaction, You understand and agree that Odys shall not participate in any such dispute, except in the limited circumstances explicitly stated herein with regard to the Domain Sale feature, and You explicitly agree not to name Odys as a party to any lawsuit, administrative proceeding or criminal investigation.

Information displayed

If You participate in a Marketplace Transaction, You understand and agree that Odys shall have the right to display certain information, including, but not limited to, the domain name sold or purchased, information about the timing of the sale or purchase, and the eventual sale or purchase price.

Interruption of services

You agree that Odys, in its sole discretion and without liability to You for any resulting loss or damages, may take immediate corrective action, including, but not limited to, removal of all or a portion of any Marketplace Listing and/or deletion, suspension, cancellation, termination, or other interruption of Your customer account with Odys, at any time during the term of this Agreement, in the event of notice of any possible violation of this Agreement by You or Your end users, or if such service or account is used in association with morally objectionable activities, or for any reason whatsoever. In such cases, any and all fees paid to Odys shall be non-refundable and ineligible for account credit.

Additional warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability

ODYS IS NOT LIABLE, AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY, FOR MARKETPLACE CONTENT AND TRANSACTIONS, AND THE TRUTH, ACCURACY, AND LEGALITY THEREIN. YOU AGREE THAT ODYS SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY TO YOU OR YOUR END USERS DUE TO ANY CORRECTIVE ACTION TAKEN BY ODYS IN RESPONSE TO YOU OR YOUR END USERS’ ACTION OR FAILURES TO ACT. You understand and agree that Your participation in a Transaction is fully at Your own risk. You further agree that Odys shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever with respect to any Listing or any domain name purchased, or sold by You or to You vis-à-vis a Listing in our Marketplace or as a result of any Listing in our Marketplace, or with respect to the failure of any Listing Transaction, and that the Limitation of Liability provision of the General Provisions shall apply to the domain name registration. You agree that, from time to time, the Marketplace may be inaccessible or inoperable for any reason, including but not limited to: (I) periodic maintenance procedures or repairs; (II) equipment failures and malfunctions; or, (III) causes beyond Odys control or which are not reasonably foreseeable by Odys, including, without limitation, interruption or failure of telecommunication or digital transmission connections, hostile network attacks, network traffic and congestion, or other failures. You agree that Odys shall not be liable to You or Your end users for any such periods of inaccessibility or inoperability under this provision.

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