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Odys Global might use cookies as well as similar technologies as means for providing Services, advertising, and analyzing the way you use Services and whether ads are viewed by users. Third parties are also allowed to use tracking technologies to implement the same purposes. As for the tracking technologies used by us, they include:

Strictly necessary purposes

This type of cookies is meant to allow you to log in, guarantee website security, and ensure shopping cart features and functionality. Odys Global Services will not function properly or will not provide particular functions without this specific technology.

Performance purposes

These cookies are meant for analyzing the way users interact with the website – what pages are most visited, what buttons are most clicked. This allows Odys Global to ensure and improve the user experience. In addition, we take advantage of this technology to see if you have opened our email messages, so we can make certain that they arrive at the right address and are relevant to you.

Personalization purposes

This technology allows us to remember the choices you’ve made. For instance, sorting options that you prefer.

Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies allow Odys Global to restrict the number of times an advertisement is displayed to you or to fine-tune advertising throughout Services and make it more relevant to the user, allowing us to assess the efficiency of our advertising campaigns and trace if ads have been displayed correctly, so we can adequately pay for this.

Social media cookies

This type of cookies is used by social media services, allowing you to share Odys Global’s content with your networks and friends. These cookies are also capable of tracking your browser activity and creating a profile of your interests, thus impacting the messages and content visible to you on other sites you visit.

How to manage & remove cookies

You can restrict, block, or remove cookies if you’re using Odys Global Services through a browser by removing them via its settings. Most browsers have the Help menu on their menu bars that informs users on preventing them from accepting new cookies, deleting old cookies, having the browser notify them about the receipt of new cookies, and disabling cookies completely.

Additionally, you may visit https://aboutcookies.org/ for more details on managing and removing cookies across multiple web browsers. You can also change your choices regarding cookies that are used to track and deliver behaviorally targeted ads here: Advertising cookies.

Odys Global also uses Flash cookies in order to provide such content as animation and video clips. Flash cookies can be managed through Adobe’s website.

If you’re using Odys Global Services through an app, your device’s operating system features instructions on preventing personalized ads and resetting the advertising identifier of the device.

In case you’d like to get in touch with us regarding cookies, please email us at [email protected].

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