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Let’s face it: there’s no other domain marketplace on the web that would provide customers with such off-the-charts perfectly vetted aged domains, like the Odys Marketplace. We’re not saying there aren’t great domain stores online, but each and every Odys domain goes through fire and water before landing on the platform. All of that, to make sure that everything we have to offer meets the highest of standards there could possibly be.

And here we are today, with over 900 domains in over 50 industries, each glistening like a pearl in the sea of the World Wide Web. But, as you may already know, some pearls are more precious than others. Even among the most precious ones there are pure gems.

Time to shine a spotlight on what we consider the best domain specimens at hand.

Ladies and gentlemen! SEO experts and digital marketers! Up-and-coming entrepreneurs and well-established businesspeople! We present you the Odys Spotlight.

Each month, we’re going to bring up-front one of the top domains we have in the Odys Marketplace in terms of stats, history, referring domains, and — of course — earning potential. 

Since this is a once-a-month supershow, make sure to stay abreast. Otherwise, you’re risking to miss what could’ve been the finest catch of your life (figuratively and literally speaking). You are going to witness the wonders of statistics, historical acrobatics, and mind-bending brandable names unheard of across the Seven Seas and Seven Continents!

Open your eyes, free your mind, and prepare for this month’s wonder! 


This month we’re all about This domain name is hiding mysteries of a successful entrepreneurship that may quickly skyrocket given the right approach. Perhaps, the most obvious catch with this domain is its industry — the B2C eCommerce, which is really huge. In 2019, this market was valued at a staggering $3.35 tln and it is expected to continue growing at a CAGR of 7.9% up until 2027. This is some huge money pie and you can safely say that it has enough for everyone to take a bite.


The History Unveiled was first registered in 2003 and has gone through several incarnations. First, it was home to a web agency, then it served as a search platform for best deals in various fields. But it ultimately bloomed when it turned into a literal online bazaar. Whoever owned it since 2011, made the most out of the domain name, attributing the “O” to “online” and the “Baz” to “bazaar.” And so it literally became a bazaar – a marketplace, where people could sell whatever they wanted, whether clothes, decor, jewelry, or what-not.

The entire online bazaar startup was acquired by Groupon on January 1, 2014 and had been incorporated in their main business, leaving it in the fate of the aftermarket.

What about the Stats?

The domain has a DR of 30, which is due to its massive set of authority links and other metric. It is clearly a gem and it has a clean and clear history. And, same as any other domain on our marketplace, it has gone through our strict due diligence process where Odys specialists made sure it’s a top-notch domain. is fully indexed in search engines, which gives an upper hand to its next owner. Moreover, it’s trademark-free – you can build an entire brand off of it and not stress over any legal issues.

Built-in SEO? Sure, It’s Right there!

Now, speaking of the backlinks or, better said, referring domains (RD), this domain has over 700 unique RDs! A few months ago, The Website Flip published a study on link building costs, according to which an average cost per link is $409.38 across 4 researched marketplaces based on the analysis of 14,269 backlinks. Of course, some of them are cheaper and some are costlier, but let’s say you decide to buy 700 backlinks for $409.38 each – you’d end up spending a whopping $286,566! 

So if we just put the SEO metrics described above down and only focus on the RDs already included in, you’re already saving $259,856. Another thing about these referring domains is that all of them are unique. And it doesn’t end here: is featured on such sites as,,,,,,, and to name a few. Some of these mentions could be impossible to get today, which makes this set of references an invaluable foundation for future incoming traffic.

What’s in the Name?

The history, the stats, the backlinks – all of these are important and set an aged domain for growth. But the very first thing anyone notices (and the audience will basically care for, since most of them don’t know a thing about SEO and related stuff) is the domain name.

Short, one-word, brandable domains have always been held in high esteem. It’s basically a business’s online representation – it has to be recognizable, memorable, and pull the right strings. At Odys, we wrote a post regarding name brandability and fits right into the ‘ingredients’ described in it:

  • Memorable. The four-letter “obaz” combination is easy on the eyes and the mind, making it simple to remember;
  • Easy to pronounce. Its pronounciation is simple and clear as it consists of two consonants and syllables in a sequential order;
  • Short length. Four letters that can easily be associated with a particular business, like what ‘Online Bazaar’ was;
  • Relevant. Considering the domain’s past of hosting an ecommerce website paves an evident path for its further use and development in the niche;
  • Meaningful keywords. Since this domain isn’t an existing word in English, it works best as an abbreviation that may further be supported with relevant keywords during the site’s development and filling with content.

Build upon the Potential

The sheer breadth of ecommerce is hard to fathom. There are so many directions you can basically do whatever you want in this industry. That’s actually what the Online Bazaar version of did. However, you might want to take on a more specific direction and niche. But here’s what we think.

After a careful analysis and research of this domain, we believe that would work best as a multi-niche content website providing relevant and useful reviews of products sold on various ecommerce platforms, including Amazon, Ali Express, eBay, Zappos, Barnes & Noble, and the like.

Our recommendation would be setting up a WordPress theme, such as PopCorn, and filling the site with articles, reviews, how-to guides, and other things like this, linking to relevant products on the platforms you select for affiliate marketing. And don’t forget about display ads via Ezoic, for instance, that will also increase your chances on sales.

The content, of course, should have both informational and commercial intent. This, in turn, requires quality writing and storytelling. Getting the attention of your audience and keeping them reading the articles through great stories, structure, hooks, and CTAs will get them to catch on more offers and ads you have on the site, thus potentially leading them to making a purchase. The age of ‘BUY THIS BECAUSE IT’S COOL!’ is over – modern consumers are looking for some connection with the things they’re looking for, they want to understand WHY they need to spend their money on this or that. The one that succeeds in connecting with the needs of their audience ends up selling and earning.

An aged domain that’s set up properly and features niche-relevant content has all the props for generating good traffic and quick sales. One of our partners, Carl Broadbent, the founder of Affiliate Gathering, has been doing a case study with one of the Odys domains for over half a year now and he made his first sale through it within just 48 hours! A domain like can get your business to another level, considering all of its SEO power, the number and quality of its referring domains, clean history, and brandable name.

It’s All About the Actual Value

So, here we are with a 19-year old premium aged domain with an impeccable history, massive set of referring domains & high authority links, highly brandable name, and a niche with an over-the-top potential. We’ve covered all of that above but we haven’t touched on its monetary value. The price.

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, is one of the top domains in the Odys Marketplace. We’ve made our own evaluation of the domain to see and tell how valuable it is to give a perspective to how much you would end up spending if you’d decided to build something with the same metrics and features from scratch. The numbers are rounded up a bit and, as you can see for yourself, some of them could be a bit too diplomatic, considering the link building study by The Website Flip mentioned earlier in this article.

Either way, from our calculations, getting from Odys today would save you at least 19 years of hard work and everything associated with it as well as an average of $66,680 on its growth, including links, most of which are impossible (or almost impossible) to get today. Take a look for yourself: is standing right in the spotlight with its impressive metrics, history, and SEO value, waiting for its new owner and the time to shine again. And $26,750 for all of its value in one package isn’t all that much, considering that most domain marketplaces may charge you times more than that for a four-letter name alone without any other added value.

Time to wrap up as this grandiose play starring is coming to an end and the curtains begin to close. The spotlight fades. Standing ovation is the only thing that follows. For now.

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