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Stewart Vickers

SEO Jesus, International SEO speaker

London, United Kingdom (GMT+0)

5.0 (3)

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About Stewart

Stewart Vickers, the SEO Jesus, is a digital marketing and SEO expert. He specializes in optimizing content, driving organic traffic, and increasing monetization. Stewart excels in website development, content creation, link building, and affiliate marketing. His strategic use of expired domains, topical authority, and AI technologies distinguishes him in the industry. He prioritizes high-quality, helpful content to ensure better conversion rates and long-term success.

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Recent Reviews

5.0 (3)

My affiliate marketing wasn't performing well. In our session, Stewart guided me through creating high-quality, niche-specific content. We also discussed leveraging platforms like Reddit and LinkedIn for more effective marketing. His hands-on assistance helped me plan and execute strategies that significantly increased my revenue and visibility.

Dina Rezkin

Enhanced affiliate marketing with niche content

I was dealing with low website traffic, so during our session, Stewart and I identified key areas to improve. We focused on updating and enhancing my content, and he introduced me to the idea of using expired domains to test keywords. Implementing these strategies over time has led to better rankings and increased traffic.

Oscar J.P

Boosted website traffic with strategic updates

I needed to boost my search engine rankings. Stewart and I worked on a strategy to build strong backlinks and create compelling, optimized content. Over the following weeks, I implemented his advice, which helped my site achieve higher rankings and attract more visitors.


Achieving higher rankings through backlinks

Stewart Recommends These Domains

RietveldLandscape.com logo

Aged Domain




Real Estate

  • Year: 2008, 16 y.o.
  • Language: English, Dutch
  • Domain Rank: 12
  • Reffering domains: 70+
  • Authority links: 4
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KattenEncyclopedie.com logo

Aged Domain




  • Year: 2004, 20 y.o.
  • Language: English
  • Domain Rank: 14
  • Reffering domains: 159+
  • Authority links: 15

Domain sold

IrishIndeed.com logo

Aged Domain




  • Year: 1999, 25 y.o.
  • Language: English
  • Domain Rank: 18
  • Reffering domains: 132+
  • Authority links: 13

Domain sold

LegalCrystal.com logo

Aged Domain




  • Year: 2008, 16 y.o.
  • Language: English
  • Domain Rank: 36
  • Reffering domains: 376+
  • Authority links: 7

Domain sold

FamilyCourtChronicles.com logo

Aged Domain




  • Year: 2005, 19 y.o.
  • Language: English
  • Domain Rank: 13
  • Reffering domains: 58+
  • Authority links: 3

Domain sold

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