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Jason Hennessey

CEO at Hennessey Digital — YPO Member

Los Angeles, United States (Eastern Time - US & Canada)

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About Jason

Jason Hennessey is an internationally-recognized SEO expert specializing in scalable SEO strategies, optimizing systems, and enhancing business profitability. He provides digital marketing consultancy for agencies, law firms, and e-commerce websites, focusing on effective delegation and building authentic relationships through networking.

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Recent Reviews

5.0 (3)

Jason Hennessey’s partnership was a huge win for our law firm’s website traffic. His team was incredible at boosting our online visibility. If you want to see real improvement in your digital presence, Jason is the guy to go to.

Craig B.

Jason transformed our firm

Teaming up with Jason turned things around for my marketing agency. He made SEO super easy to understand and implement. After taking his advice, we saw a huge jump in our clients and revenue.

Lisa Burk

A great experience meeting and working with Jason

Even with my own SEO knowledge, I was blown away by the results after working with Jason Hennessey. Our e-commerce site's traffic skyrocketed, and his strategies brought in a ton of new clients. His advice was incredibly valuable, and I’d recommend him to anyone looking to grow their business.

Randy Sh.

E-commerce SEO strategies skyrocketed

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