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James Dooley

UK SEO Entrepreneur

Manchester, United Kingdom (UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time)

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About James

James Dooley is an SEO expert specializing in Rank and Rent websites across industries like iGaming, finance, and local services. He owns several agencies focused on link building, content creation, and SEO audits. As a UK-based Digital Landlord, James has built and ranked over 1,000 domains, generating over 1 million inquiries through his online ventures. Businesses can rely on James for effective SEO strategies that ensure maximum efficiency and results.

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Recent Reviews

5.0 (3)

James Dooley's session was incredibly insightful and actionable. His guidance on navigating Google's helpful content update and the emphasis on diversifying income streams were particularly valuable. James helped me understand the importance of quality content and user experience, especially for my AI-related projects. His recommendations on utilizing age domains and avoiding toxic links were spot-on. James's ability to break down complex SEO concepts into manageable steps made it easier for me to implement his advice. I appreciate his support and look forward to future sessions.

Ben G.

Turning complexity into action

James's expertise in backlink building and press releases has helped improve my website's authority. He provided practical advice on optimizing Google My Business listings and the importance of citations for local rankings. Thanks to James, I now have a clear direction for my SEO efforts and feel confident in implementing the strategies discussed.

Lucas AT.

Expert who elevated my website's authority

After my call with James, I'm impressed by his SEO expertise. His tips on internal linking, keyword optimization, and tools like Surfer and Rankmath were invaluable. James's focus on topical authority and addressing link toxicity helped improve my site's performance. I highly recommend James for great SEO results, especially for local lead generation and niche site optimization. Thanks, James, for your top-notch advice!

Rick Kappa

James: the go-to for SEO excellence and results

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