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Quebec, Canada (Eastern Time - US & Canada)
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About Israel

Israel G is an SEO expert specializing in link building, semantic SEO, and web hosting. He has built and managed over 50 websites, focusing on authority and competitive edge. Israel values human-written content and developed the unique Traffic Authority (TA) metric. His services include keyword research, content writing, entity injection in backlinks, and creating unique, data-driven SEO solutions for personal branding and strategy.

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Recent Reviews

5.0 (2)

My session with Israel was a game-changer. I got explained the Traffic Authority metric, which helped me understand my site’s strength. His focus on human-written content and data-driven SEO strategies was exactly what I needed. Israel’s approach makes him an excellent mentor.

James B.

....an excellent mentor

Israel’s sessions are a must for anyone looking to boost their SEO efforts. Israel showed me how important schema markup is and helped me set up a strong foundation for my website.


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