How fast will I get a pre-order match?

Each request is individual, and the delivery time varies depending on how specific it is. Delivery time varies from 24 hours up to several weeks. We recommend choosing broader domain requests for more volume. For example, if you’re looking for a bitcoin-related domain, configuring the pre-order to cover all cryptocurrencies will yield faster results. You can of course request a more specific domain, like a bitcoin-related one in this scenario, it just might take longer to receive a match.

What happens when I can’t find a domain?

The cost of your subscription will automatically be refunded to your Odys balance when no domain was acquired during a particular month. Ordering our Pre-Order Subscription for one or multiple domains of interest involves no risk at all.

How do I delete a pre-order subscription?

To permanently delete a Pre-Order Subscription from your account and stop being charged a monthly fee, click the Cancel button. Please note that if and when you decide to run a similar campaign, you will have to subscribe and configure it again.

What does the money-back guarantee offer?

Our money-back guarantee means that you will receive the cost of the subscription refunded back to your Odys balance in the months when no domain has been purchased based on your pre-order. This may be either due to no matches or you not managing to review the provided matches in time. In either case, you lose nothing as the subscription price is credited into your account.

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