How to

How can I get access to the full list of available aged domains?

Once you gain access to the marketplace, you can filter a premium domains list by Industry, Language, Top Level Domain (TLD), Monthly Traffic, SEO Value and Price. This saves valuable time in the review of potential choices for aged domains and helps you find exactly what you’re after. Each domain comes with explicit domain authority analysis to help unveil the intrinsic value of each item.

I have paid for a domain, what happens next?

Once your payment is secured and processed, we will provide you with all the necessary step-by-step instructions for the domain transfer. Please note that every domain extension and registrar has its own domain transfer process. However, our Domain Service Team will assist every step of the way, ensuring an easy, efficient, and smooth transfer process, until the domain is in your possession and you are satisfied.

Where can I renew my domain?

A great registrar shouldn’t charge you more than $10 USD/year for a renewal of a .com domain these days. Our recommendation is to choose NameSilo or PorkBun, as they offer some of the lowest rates on the market.

How long does it take to gain access to Odys?

After answering a few brief questions, it only takes us a few hours to a few days to approve your application. You’ll get notified by email you used to sign up for your application status.

My account has been approved, but I can’t Log In. What can I do?

If you can’t log in to your account, first and foremost we ask you to double-check if you inserted the correct email and password. If everything seems to be correct and you still can’t log in, we recommend resetting your password, by indicating the email that you used in the Sign Up process.

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