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You can access the Odys Marketplace on request – just hit the ‘Request access’ button and fill out the respective form. Once you become an approved Odys member, you can browse our entire domain inventory. If you’re planning to buy more than one domain, you may take advantage of Odys Premium. The Grow plan is the best choice if you’re thinking of getting 2-5 domains within a year – among other perks, you get 10% off all the listed domains. If you intend to buy over 5 domains within a year, then the Scale plan is your go-to choice – 15% off all the listed domains among other goodies. Note that Odys Premium is a paid subscription. To learn more, visit

About Odys

Odys is the world’s leading marketplace for buying premium domain names. Odys offers a broad array of high authority domain names in over 100 industries along with explicit domain authority analysis to help unveil the intrinsic value of each purchase.


Pre-ordering will allow you to exclusively review all new domains that match your category selection and at least one of the predefined keywords before these are released to the marketplace. This feature was designed for clients that value their privacy and want to take advantage of unique domains before these appear in the marketplace for all other Odys members. You can also use it when seeking a particular domain that is currently not available in our inventory. When there is a match, Odys will send you an email and give you 24 hours to make a decision. If you buy the domain, it never sees the light of the day again. Alternatively, you can pass it on and it gets published to the marketplace.