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While NameJet was once the go-to marketplace for finding brandable domains for online businesses, in a world dominated by SEO, the days of having the domains only to be brandable are now gone. Now there’s the opportunity to purchase domain names that in addition to their brand-ability have online mentions used to support the domain’s expertise, authority, and trust built around a particular niche.

Try the Odys marketplace for brandable, premium aged domains as an alternative to NameJet, to take advantage of the domains’ inherited SEO value.

The advantages of Premium Aged Domains

New DomainsPremium Aged Domains
Brandable names are rare findsInstantly Available Brandable names
Good match needs time investmentsMatchmaking isn’t time-consuming
Long, difficult to brand or rememberShort, easy to brand or remember
Not indexed in Search EnginesIndexed in Search Engines
No Referring domainsHundreds of Referring Domains
No Domain Age or historyExisting Domain Age and history
Not yet trusted by Search EnginesTrusted by Search Engines
Not E-A-T or Brand signalsEstablished E-A-T and Brand signals
No Traffic or Brand searchesReferral, Type-in and Brand Traffic
No Social Media signalsExisting Social Media presence
No PRFeatured on Authority Sites
No intrinsic valueGreat Intrinsic Value


Odys Global is the world’s leading marketplace for premium aged domains and done-for-you websites. Odys offers a broad array of high authority domain names in over 100 industries along with explicit domain authority analysis to help unveil the intrinsic value of each purchase.

  • Our Customer Service team can help you find the best premium aged domain for your needs by providing full support about domain value, TLDs, and domain transfer process. We are also keen to support our clients with in-depth research of niches & strong affiliate marketing strategies.
  • Once you gain access to the marketplace, you can filter a broad array of unique premium aged domains available, by Industry, Language, Top Level Domain (TLD), Monthly Traffic, SEO Value and Price. Each domain comes with explicit domain authority analysis to help unveil the intrinsic value of each item.
  • All Odys domains are already registered with us. This way you can be sure that on sale the domain will enter in your possession without any delay, unlike in the case of auctions.
  • New domains are added to our marketplace on a daily basis. If you’d like early and exclusive access to certain categories, you may choose to subscribe to our risk-free pre-order service. A pre-order subscription allows you to exclusively review domains that match your requirements for 24 or 48 hours before everyone else. You also get 10% off the price of every domain when buying it as a pre-order.
  • Our money-back guarantee means that you will receive the cost of the subscription refunded back to your Odys balance in the months when no domain has been purchased based on your pre-order. This may be either due to no matches or you not managing to review the provided matches in time. In either case, you lose nothing as the subscription fee is added to your account.
  • We re-create the 15-20 best URLs by links of the former site in order to preserve the link juice. These pages are preserved for search bots/crawlers and used to insert links that lead to your most important pages.
  • Another thing that we do is 301 redirect the remaining pages to the new relevant ones, in case those prove to be too difficult to rebuild due to content unavailability or not having enough links to justify rebuilding the whole page, as opposed to redirecting
  • Our primary focus is on the “best” type of buying intent keywords, as our goal is to increase traction, improve conversions, and generate sales with your site as soon as possible. We’re open to creating informational and “how-to” content and guides as well, if the client asks for it.
  • Our domains are carefully curated, not to infringe any existing trademark registrations. We always adhere to ethical domaining practices.

Odys vs NameJet comparison

Brandable namesYesYes
Brand assetsYesYes
SEO valueYesNo
Authority linksYesNo
Trademark checksYesNo
Penalty checksYesNo
Google indexedYesMaybe
Historical recordsYesNo
Market insightsYesNo
Dedicated in-house SEO expertiseYesNo
Technical SupportYesNo
Content WebsitesYesNo
1 Full Year of Managed HostingYesNo

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