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Ethical Domaining – Creating Integrity with Odys Global’s Ingenuity

When the average person thinks of buying a domain name, they often believe they are choosing from an endless selection of options. But, the reality is they are choosing from a small range of what is actually available.. 

The SEO professional and the domain enthusiast know that 

at any given moment there exist millions of domains that have expired or are for sale by their owners. Each of these domains provides an opportunity to potential investors. 

But it’s not always as simple as purchasing a domain and building it out. It also requires an often overlooked part of the journey, it also is necessary to do your due diligence and investigate your chosen provider to ensure they engage in ethical domaining.

What is Ethical Domaining? 

Ethical domaining means doing more than just listing a domain for sale. It’s creating an online marketplace where users can place their confidence in your offerings. 

Companies that engage in ethical domaining do research before listing them to ensure your potential purchase doesn’t belong to another business that has trademarks attached.

When unethical marketplaces find a site with trademarks, they will purchase its domain knowing that the company will likely need or want it back. These are often trademarked brands. The goal is to sell the digital property back to its owner at an exorbitant price in order to make money from the company that lost the domain. 

One of the key problems with this is when domains lapse it isn’t always because their owners no longer have a use for them. It can also be because of an employee mistake, technical error, or many other factors. Domains are a company’s mainline to their customers and fans. While the practice of cybersquatting is not illegal, it is bad business and certainly unethical. 

Other unethical practices involve providing misinformation on the domains being sold. 

By inflating the stats of the domain, a marketplace or auction can artificially increase the value (prices) of their offers in order to trick those who are just starting out into believing they’re getting a bargain.  

In the end, the buyer should remember to not only protect themselves from scams but to also ensure they don’t support any detrimental practices that might contribute to the loss of property or finances. Remember just because it’s cheap and looks good, doesn’t mean it is.  Always do your research. 

Is Odys Global Ethical? 

Just as you rely on a trustworthy car dealership when purchasing a vehicle, you should always ensure your domains are backed by a company that guarantees quality and authenticity.

At Odys Global, we have maintained a commitment to ethical domaining since our inception. When we were founded, we joined forces with talented people of integrity to ensure that our resolution to maintain standards of accountability were upheld at all times. 

Any domain purchased from Odys is vetted to ensure its trademarks are respected and only after that process is complete does our team run a careful analysis of its history in order to provide the most accurate information on the domain’s value. We promise to never provide misinformation or artificially increase prices.

In fact,  we recently acquired a domain that had lapsed, that belonged to a nonprofit named Fertile Earth. After some digging, we discovered that this company had gone through a few changes in management and inadvertently lost their site. Fertile Earth’s mission was to help the world through sustainable farming and our responsibility was to return it. So, we did. Read about this unique situation in our article on Fertile Earth.

Becoming a Part of the Global Movement

When you purchase from Odys Global, you’re sure to contribute something more than just its ability to provide aged domain names. You’re removing the option for unethical transactions to occur and protecting those who would be hurt by those practices. 

If you want to learn more about cybersquatting, or about how we have been a part of the solution check out our blog.

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