Domain Expired How to Get It Back: Everything You Need to Know

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If your domain name has expired and you want it back, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we will discuss how to regain your hard-earned domain name.

We’ll ensure that all your hard work and effort in building your domain won’t be wasted. 

Causes of Domain Expiration

You can end up with an expired domain for a couple of reasons. We’ve listed some of them here to ensure you can keep track of them. 

Domain Renewal

When you sign up for a domain name, you’re usually given a period until the domain name can be used.

By the end of this period, you need to renew your domain name unless you signed up to auto-renew your plan. 

Domain Expired Grace Period

Always ask yourself, “When does domain expire?” Plan this in your calendar so you know when the renewal grace period is. 

You don’t want to miss this important date, or you’ll risk losing your expired domain name! Someone might end up as the new domain owner.

Domain Registration Lapse

Some domain owners lose track of the expiration dates of their domain names. They fail to re-register their domain, and it becomes up for grabs. 

Sometimes, the site returns to the registrar, waiting for a new domain owner to purchase all your hard work and effort. 

How to Get an Expired Domain Back

You can take a few easy steps to have your expired domain name back. 

Check Domain Status

If you need to track the expiration date of your site, we recommend checking its status. You can do this with your registrar; it shouldn’t take more than a day.

Renew the Domain

You don’t want the redemption grace period to lapse before renewing your domain! You can even renew your subscription to auto-renew to keep your bases covered. 

Pay for the standard renewal price and a redemption fee, depending on your registry. 

Contact the Domain Registrar

If you’ve done everything but still can’t get your expired domain name back, consider contacting your registry. You can find a solution to your problem, which your registrar may be able to do. 

Benefits of Renewing an Expired Domain

Is renewing expired domains worth it? We’ve listed some reasons to convince you to keep your expired domain names.

Retain Traffic and Search Rankings

Keep your website at its all-time high by renewing it with the registrar. You can keep enjoying its high traffic and ranking, which you risk losing when you let your domain expire. 

Keep Domain History

If you’ve been in the business long, your website is as good as your name. Everyone knows it to be a credible business platform where they can reach you. Continue enjoying this benefit through a simple re-registration! 

Reactivate Services

You can enjoy many services from your registrars when you sign up with them. Unfortunately, these benefits expire at the same time as your domain. Make sure to keep renewing your account to continue enjoying these services. 

What Is Domain Expiration and How to Avoid It

We’ve already talked so much about domain expiry, but what exactly is it, and how can you avoid it? 

What Is the Domain Expiration?

Domain expiry simply means that your domain registration with your provider has ended. You risk losing your domain name on the expiration date unless you renew it. 

You can usually sign up for renewal within a grace period. Make sure to take note of this date. If you miss the redemption period, you might as well say goodbye to all your hard work because it can get deleted when it expires.

How to Check When Your Domain Expires

We often get the question, “How long after a domain expires can I buy it?” And it’s probably because many site owners are eager to own well-established domain names. 

If you don’t want to be at the losing end of this question, we highly recommend checking the expiration date with your domain registrars. 

What Happens When Your Domain Expires

Once domain names expire and the redemption period has lapsed, the website is up for grabs.

Some auction domain names at a pretty steep price, especially if the domains have a good search engine ranking and history. Some would offer high fees in exchange!

Tips to Avoid Domain Expiration

If you’re afraid of losing your domain name, keep track of its renewal date on your calendar. 

This simple solution doesn’t come with any extra cost or additional fees. You can easily find the expiry details of your account when you contact your domain registrar.

What to Do if You Can’t Renew the Domain

There may be instances when you can’t access your expired domains anymore. This can cause serious problems for some owners, especially those with domain names, for a long time. 

Common Issues When Trying to Renew an Expired Domain

One of the most common issues we’ve experienced is being unable to note when the domain name should be renewed. 

As a result, we risk having to pay someone who has already acquired ownership over the domain at an auction. 

Options When You Can’t Renew an Expired Domain

If you can’t renew your domain name, you can contact your registry to help you out. They may be able to help you access your domain name back but for a fee. 

Check if Your Domain Is Still Available

Always check if your domains are still active. You can use online tools like the Whois search and the Whois database to help you out. 

Buy a Domain That Is Already Taken

As a last resort, your only option is to buy domains already up for grabs. You can find available domains on online tools, like the Whois database, to help you. 

Feel free to read about the expired domain risks to help you make a wise decision. 


Buying domains is part of the trade. You can have complete ownership over a well-established domain name as long you pay for the necessary cost or fees. 

Remember everything we’ve shared in this article the next time you want to buy expired domains

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