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We are not offering any discounts, but you are free to use our Invite & Earn referral program to invite anyone who might be interested in our services. When they join Odys via your invitation link and buy any of our domains or services, you get 5% for every single payment or deposit they make, lifetime. Some of our biggest clients are aggressively making use of this strategy and buy more than half of their domains solely using Odys balance earned from their referrals. Alternatively, we offer a 10% cashback option for all deposits made using TransferWise or a Wire Transfer directly to our bank account. This helps us save on PayPal and Credit Card fees so we're incentivizing our partners and clients by offering them cashback when they buy our domains and site builds using these funds. Here's an example: You want to buy 3 domain names: ($1000), ($2000), and ($3000) for a total of $6000. 1. You top up your account with $6000, but using TransferWise or a Wire Transfer (not PayPal or Credit Card). 2. As soon as the payment is confirmed, we credit $6000 to your Odys balance. 3. You add all 3 domains to cart and checkout. When the transaction is processed, we credit $600 (10%) back to your Odys balance. You can use the $600 towards the next acquisition of domains and services from ODYS. This is how our 10% cashback for TransferWise and Wire Transfers works.


How Do Pre-Orders Work?

Pre-ordering will allow you to exclusively review all new domains that match your category selection and at least one of the predefined keywords before these are released to the marketplace. This feature was designed for clients that value their privacy and want to take advantage of unique domains before these appear in the marketplace for all other Odys members. You can also use it when seeking a particular domain that is currently not available in our inventory. When there is a match, Odys will send you an email and give you 24 hours to make a decision. If you buy the domain, it never sees the light of the day again. Alternatively, you can pass it on and it gets published to the marketplace. When you delete the pre-order campaign, the $500 it uses to run is automatically reflected back in your Odys balance.