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We’re very excited to introduce our new project, Expert picks, which features domain recommendations from industry experts. We don’t only suggest ideas, but also provide growth strategies that can be implemented immediately. Domains are chosen from a variety of niches and price ranges, so everyone can find a domain they like.

This post includes recommendations from Mushfiq Sarker, the founder of, with 180 flips completed to date and several notable exits. You can find some of his recommendations below.

Needless to say, the interest in space exploration has been growing and will continue to grow. AstroWatch  used to be a dedicated blog discussing space news, asteroids, and more. Thus, it’s perfect to be repurposed into a magazine-style blog. I recommend building out an authority website on this specific domain. This is what I would do step-by-step:

  • Build a content site on AstroWatch covering space news, listicles, and informational content
  • Add product reviews and buying guides into AstroWatch
  • Create silo categories such as Space Exploration, Startups & Companies, Spacing Mining, among others (do your research)
  • While nothing is guaranteed in this game, this strategy, if done right, would lend itself to an excellent authority website in this space.

For monetization, affiliate revenues from space-related products (telescopes mostly) can be generated via Amazon Associates. Display ads would work well in this niche as an additional revenue stream. Over time though, I highly recommend creating a value-add newsletter sharing tidbits, news, findings, etc with the audience. In addition, digital products in this niche would do well, such as “How to Get Started in Space Observation” which can be a course or e-book from a hobbyist standpoint.

While the travel industry has taken a hit over the last two years, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This domain would make for an excellent travel site within the sub-niche of study abroad and internships abroad. The display ad revenues in this niche would be extremely lucrative. This is what I would do:

  • Recreate the top pages of this site including guides on studying abroad, interning abroad, and more as needed
  • Add guides for each city/country where study and intern abroad opportunities exist
  • Create a directory of different opportunities for students
  • Create guides on how to prepare, apply, what you should bring, etc.
  • The opportunities in this niche are endless. Monetization can easily be done via display ads, and then digital products (e.g., an e-book)

A job board can be a lucrative website. Employers can pay from $50-$300 to post a job on a niche job board. This domain was a former job platform and thus perfect to be revamped into a job board.

The branding has the word “ventu” indicating “ventures”. Thus, the job board could host startup jobs, remote jobs, and such. This is what I would do:

  • Recreate the site with 301 redirects and content as needed
  • Setup a job board on this domain using WP Job Board ($97 one-time) or NiceBoard ($223/mo)
  • Auto populate jobs from existing platforms like Google Jobs. This makes the job board look full while you work on driving traffic
  • Write content related to finding jobs, remote jobs, startup jobs, etc.
  • Examples of niche job boards include:,

I tend to stay away from technology niches due to content not being evergreen; products go out of stock and thus need constant updating. However, I’ve seen several 6-figure sites in the camera niche in the past sold by niche website creators. The camera sub-niche is lucrative and has a strong hobbyist following. Here is what I would do:

  • Match topical relevance early on. Write content related to DSRL camera apps that are available today (e.g., on iOS and Android). Write about the old DSLRBot app and how it paved the way for the current apps out there today.
  • Add informational content around DSLRs, how to buy, what to look for, technology available today
  • Finally, add commercial articles related to buying guides for the best camera products

This niche can be easily monetized via affiliate marketing. To get started, I recommend Amazon Associates but then it’s worthwhile to brand out to more specific e-commerce brands with affiliate programs (e.g., B&H Photo Video). I would also add display advertising using Ezoic early on to generate revenue. An overall good sub-niche within the broader technology niche.

In case you would like to start an online business, but you’re not sure where to begin, this post offers you ready-to-implement strategies. Pick the domain you need and start building it, and most importantly, don’t stop working on it.

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