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If you’re looking for precise tips and hints on developing a niche site hosted on an aged domain, Mushfiq Sarker of The Website Flip is your guy. Being an experienced website flipper, he always sees the very core of what has to be done, so it always pays to follow his advice.

Take a few minutes to check out Mushfiq’s growth blueprints for 4 Odys domains below.

The financial niche may seem highly competitive, and for a reason. However, this competitiveness is what gives the entrepreneurs working in it a potential to generate significant revenues. looks particularly promising for a site built in the personal finance niche. It has tons of promising affiliate programs with a wide range of commission types – in other words, you will have multiple options to choose from.

Here’s what I would do:

  • First off, start with choosing a few directions you’d want to cover – crediting, financial education, budgeting, or whatever else you think relevant – and focus on developing dedicated content, covering the most vital topics.
  • Add categories on budgeting resources, tax management, investment ideas, personal finance apps, and other things as new content comes in.
  • Recreate the pages containing backlinks directly related to the finance niche.

As for monetization, I’ve already mentioned affiliate programs, so this would probably be the first thing to try. Another thing that might come in handy is monetizing informational content using display ads.

The data visualization niche is a lucrative sub-topic within the SaaS vertical. Getting a hold of affiliate programs in this niche shouldn’t be an issue and you’re guaranteed to get a decent commission – 25%-30% is often the case.

This is what I would do:

  • Create dedicated ‘how-to’ articles/guides about using data visualization in all the different ways and niches, types of visualizations, techniques, and approaches. 
  • Review specific data visualization brands, such as HotJar, MouseFlow, CrazyEgg, etc.
  • Add affiliate content going after such keywords as ‘hotjar vs crazyegg,’ ‘hotjar alternatives’ and the like.
  • Recreate the pages that have backlinks.

This niche is primarily monetizable via affiliate programs, but you can take advantage of display ads and sponsored content.

I have not covered the fashion niche much, however, it’s lucrative, has tons of low competition keywords, and multiple ways to monetize. This specific domain is well-branded with two words and has excellent backlinks in the fashion space.

Here is what I would do:

  • Recreate the homepage as-is where you keep the topical relevancy the same as the old site
  • Create a “Fashion News” category as the old site had
  • Create a “Blog” category
  • Initially, add all informational content related to fashion, clothing, etc. Add 30-50 informational articles to test the domain if worthy of continuing
  • Branch out into commercial guides over time (e.g., best, comparisons, individual reviews)

I’ve seen many fashion-related sites for sale at top brokers like Empire Flippers. They demand high multiples and usually sell out quickly. There are currently two Empire Flipper listings in this niche. The first one is at a 35X multiple, and the second is at a 53X multiple.

Monetization can easily be done via display ads. Mediavine is well-tuned for this niche. Amazon Associates can be used to monetize any physical products. ShareASale network has a ton of bespoke fashion brands as well.

The real estate niche is lucrative but highly competitive. Not using an aged domain for this niche would be a very uphill battle with big players.

This website has excellent branding to be turned into an informational content site covering the following topics:

  • Section 8 program in the US for each city, and state
  • Eviction rules/laws in each city, state
  • Rent negotiation tactics
  • Best places to rent

This domain was a simple website targeting primarily the Canadian market. I would cover all of the above topics in the Canadian region first, and then branch into the US. Rebuilding this site would be simple since it was only 4 or so pages.

Monetization would be ideally done via display ads which pay $30+ RPMs in this niche (and much higher), and affiliate lead generation (e.g., Section 8 lead generation offers).

Precision Is Key

When you build a site on an aged domain from Odys Global, every step counts. Even though the initial conditions, such as mentions on authority websites and Google indexing among others, are a potential for almost immediate growth for a new site. Understanding what you should do at each stage is crucial for your success.

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