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Every domainer, affiliate marketer, and business owner in general wants to get ahead of the competition. Aged domains give an advantage in terms of Google indexing and other features. Odys domains add clear history, built-in SEO, and brandability to the mix. Mushfiq Sarker of The Website Flip knows fairly well how to built successful sites out on aged domains and he’s selected 4 domains in the Food, Health, Telescopes, and Rehab niches this month.

Make sure to check out Mushfiq’s recommendations on growing sites on our aged domains. His advice is always clear and to the point, so there’s always room for more thought and expansion on it for further advancement.

Baking is a popular topic with many low-competition keywords that you could target with informational articles.

While recipe keywords are typically competitive, there are thousands of long-tail keywords and questions related to baking that have a low keyword difficulty.

A quick search of the AHREFs keywords of popular baking blogs or viewing the People Also Ask section for any popular keyword will produce many low-competition keywords you can target.

Here’s what I would do with the site:

  • Recreate the homepage to focus on the same type of baked goods
  • Publish question-based informational articles about baking (e.g., what is a good substitute for eggs in X, how long can X last in the pantry)
  • If the site shows good traction in Google after 30-50 articles, branch out into baking product reviews

Monetization in this niche should be focused on display ads with Ezoic and eventually Mediavine or AdThrive. Food-related sites make up about a third of all sites using Mediavine, so you have a good chance of getting accepted once you reach 50,000 monthly sessions.

You can also add Amazon affiliate links to relevant baking products like mixers, ingredients, and baked goods. You could eventually expand to selling digital products about baking including courses and e-Books.

This is a strange domain, but bare with me, there is a good reason why I am covering it. Specifically, the chicken/poultry sub-niche has significant amount of low-competition keywords partnered with a hobbyist group of people that run their own small chicken farms.

There are many variations of keywords available in this niche. For example, write articles on all of the different chicken breeds, target keywords such as “can chickens eat XYZ”, and topics related to starting a chicken coop business.

Many of the competitors, e.g.,, have also cover other poulter animals, such as Quail and Ducks.

Here is what I would do with this site:

  • Recreate the site’s homepage to cover the history of the site in terms of the origin story of chicken diapers, what they are, etc. This will ensure topical match with old domain.
  • Add the other relevant pages from the old site, such as the About page
  • Add low competition informational content, e.g., “can chickens eat XYZ”. I would add about 30-50 informational articles.
  • Link from the homepage to a selection of these informational posts to pass the link authority (via archive posts)
  • Add commercial content and more top-of-funnel content (e..g, How To Start a Chicken Business)

Monetization in this niche should be focused on a combination of display ads, affiliate products, and digital products. Many of the competitors in this niche also have email lists which funnel people into their digital products (usually a e-book or course). Initially, it’s best to start monetizing with display ads and then become an affiliate for a course/ebook and promote it. Once successful, you can spin off and create your own your own digital products.

This domain previously hosted the site for a project called the Virtual Telescope Project that used high-tech robotic telescopes for unparalleled astronomical experiences that could be controlled remotely via the Internet.

With an increasing interest in space exploration, this domain has a lot of potential to become an authority website for astronomy enthusiasts, covering the necessary equipment. It may feature articles about telescopes, video cards, remote controls, special apps & software, and everything in between.

Here is what I would do:

  • Review links and top keywords at which appears to be the new location of this domain and project.
  • Create content around “virtual telescope project” which gets 450 monthly search volume with a KD of 2. Link to the main website ( to give credit.
  • Publish unique content about topics that also ranks for.
  • Consider creating a content silo on famous quotations about space to generate traffic and naturally earn links (e.g., “stargazing quotes” has a KD of 0 and volume of 450).
  • Consider creating a content silo on astronomy live streams (e.g., asteroid live stream, comet live stream). An astronomy live stream could be considered a “virtual telescope”.

Monetization can be done easily via display ads on Ezoic, Mediavine, or AdThrive. Also, I might consider affiliate programs offered by Amazon Associates or, which are more product-focused and offer an 8% commission, which is a good deal when telescopes cost between a few hundred and several thousand dollars.

The initial goal of this domain was to deliver individualized, clinician-prescribed physical therapy routines on a large scale. Due to its previous usage, it would be a great authority site for all things telerehabilitation.

  • Publish informational articles on low competition keywords related to questions about virtual physical therapy or online therapy.
  • Publish statistics pages around different types of online therapy with nice graphs and charts. This could be a good link magnet to attract more high authority links, especially from news publications covering telehealth.
  • Consider hiring expert writers with therapist credentials and display their author bio on articles and the about page to increase credibility and trust. Google would consider this niche to be a YMYL topic (Your Money or Your Life).
  • Consider creating a directory of physical therapists by city (e.g., physical therapist nashville). has lists of physical therapy providers by city, but their site is broad and not focused on therapy. You could eventually branch out into other types of therapy.

You can make money by running display ads and affiliate programs promoting apps and programs related to neurophysiology, language therapy, audiology, and drug rehabilitation. There are plenty of programs in this niche that will give you generous commissions of up to 45%.

Build Smart to Make Money

One crucial thing to always keep in mind when dealing with an aged domain is that it’s not a magic wand that will do everything for you, but rather a huge chunk of unprecedented potential. To make your aged domain-hosted site a success, you should take so many things into account and plan your actions accordingly. And if you do it right and sow the right seeds in the right spots, you’re going to reap some amazing crops.
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