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It takes a correct approach for any business to become successful. Building profitable sites on aged domains requires strategy and understanding of their niches.

Mushfiq Sarker of The Website Flip came up with 4 Odys domains in Finance, Tech, Fashion, and Travel niches and provided expert advice on their growth. Mushfiq is the person you always want to listen to due to his immense knowledge of site building and successful website flipping business among other things.

This domain could be repositioned to become an informational site all about startups and companies that failed or went out of business. When a popular business closes, there are a lot of curious people searching for information about what happened.

One example of a successful site in this niche is with about 80K monthly traffic (AHREFs) from articles about failed startups.

Here’s what I would do:

  • Find low competition keywords of businesses or startups that closed (e.g., what happened to Clubhouse, why did Vine shut down, Sears stores closing).
  • Publish listicle articles of businesses that failed in a specific industry (e.g., 7 FinTech startups that failed) and then internal link to the in-depth articles.

For monetization, the opportunity is mainly in display ads as the site would attract a general audience. Part of the audience could include business people seeking case studies or conducting market research.

Articles about failed startups could earn a higher RPM and provide an opportunity for lucrative B2B software affiliate programs.

This domain previously hosted a science forum for 3D technology-related discussions.

The booming gaming industry and rapid penetration of the internet make this domain a good candidate to become an authority website on VR/AR technology. This site may focus on reviewing VR headsets, 3D glasses, and AR devices among other VR-related products.

Here is what I would do:

  • Relaunch the homepage with content discussing the applications of VR technology in the field of science to match the topic of the original site.
  • Recreate or 301 redirect any URLs with high authority inbound links to a relevant page.
  • Publish articles that answer frequently asked and low competition questions about VR or AR.
  • Publish buying guides reviewing niche VR products and accessories. 
  • Publish articles troubleshooting common technical issues with popular VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 (e.g., “Oculus Quest 2 won’t X”).

You can easily monetize this site with display ads via Ezoic, Mediavine, or AdThrive. Alternatively, I might consider Amazon Associates affiliate programs or VR-specific affiliate programs like VR Sync or VR Cover. These affiliate programs offer commissions of up to 30%.

This was the former domain of a company selling comfortable eco-conscious yoga and activewear. Athleisure clothing is a growing market, with an estimated $380 billion worth of sales in 2022. Since it already outperforms the global clothing and shoe market, it offers a truly competitive yet trendy niche. You might consider using this domain for a sub-niche within the activewear industry, such as yoga activewear.

Here is what I would do:

  • Relaunch the homepage to discuss environmentally friendly and comfortable yoga clothing to match the focus on the original site.
  • Publish buying guides about comfortable yoga activewear for X (e.g., comfortable yoga pants for work).
  • Publish buying guides for best eco-friendly activewear (e.g., best sustainable yoga mats).
  • 301 redirect any URLs with high authority links to a relevant buying guide (e.g. many links are pointing to product pages).
  • Promote affiliate programs for online courses or live classes since yoga participants are willing to spend money on class memberships.
  • Add a “As Seen On” graphic showing yoga sites and popular websites that linked to the domain to increase credibility for the yoga niche.

You can effectively monetize this site with display ads as well as promote various products as an affiliate. As an affiliate for yoga products, you’ll be able to earn generous commissions ($12 per lead or up to $194 EPC). Building a community for yoga enthusiasts would add another revenue stream, as it’s a possibility to sell info products (courses, marathons, etc.).

The travel niche is very popular and competitive, so a well-aged site can provide a great starting point. This domain focuses on the specific niche of travel navigation and maps so it has a better opportunity to gain topical authority and compete in a less saturated part of the travel niche. is a successful site about GIS with many high traffic pages about US state maps. According to AHREFs it gets 1.3 million visits per month.

Here’s what I would do:

  • Relaunch the homepage with content about geographic information systems related to tourism and travel.
  • Create city pages for popular travel destinations with information about interactive maps and other maps with helpful data (e.g. San Diego travel maps, San Diego attractions maps).
  • Create buying guides for travel navigation products such as GPS watches.
  • Reach out to local chamber of commerce, tourism board, and visitor center websites for link building to city pages.

Monetization in this niche would mainly be display ads through a network like Ezoic, Mediavine, or AdThrive and supplemented with Amazon affiliate links to travel tech products. Another potential revenue source is tour aggregator affiliate programs like Get Your Guide, a popular travel affiliate program with travel bloggers.

The Correct Strategic Approach Leads to Excellence

No matter the aged domain you choose to build your site, make sure you understand how things work and be prepared – and excited – to put in time and effort to make it look and read great to get sales and authority. Speaking of authority, Odys domains are stacked with it, you just have to set everything up properly, so that mentions on other sites work to your advantage.

And make sure to browse through our aged domain inventory on the Odys Marketplace.

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