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Mushfiq Sarker is one of the leading SEO and aged domain advocates in the world today with a clear understanding of how things work and how to make a website bloom. He’s taken a look through the Odys Marketplace and selected four domains that he considers the most promising. Whether it’s the advertising or space niche, he shared his thoughts on how to make these domains effective income sources.

I have not covered an aged domain in the gaming niche in the past. This would make for an excellent website discussing all aspects of console, indie, and online games.

Here is what I would do:

Add informational articles discussing specific games, tips & tricks to play the game, and more

Adding “review” type articles for this site may not make sense since there would not be a straightforward way to monetize via affiliates (as far as I can tell). Your best bet for monetization is via display advertisements. There is a ton of keywords in this nice that are low competition, and each game you discuss will have a selection of keywords.

ZEV stands for Zero Emissions Vehicles, e.g., electric vehicles, hybrid. This nice growing year over year as more people transition to such vehicles. Every year new car manufacture releases their intent to develop ZEVs, and many companies are developing sub-products for this niche as well.

This is what I would do:

  • Create a consumer-friendly database of current ZEVs. Cover features, release dates, and more.
  • Create buying guides on how to pick a ZEV based on your needs, budget, etc.
  • Write product reviews

This is a high-competition niche. However, the RPMS/EPMVs in this niche for display advertisements is in the $30+ range, whereas in the kitchen/home niche are around $10. So you can make the same revenue with a 1/3 of the traffic. Furthermore, the affiliate programs in the energy niche are much more lucrative.

Overall, a good opportunity for someone who wants a long-term project.

CityAstronomy used to be a space observatory. Therefore, this would be a perfect 301 redirect to a silo category page on the AstroWatch website. This category should discuss space observation, telescopes, space pictures, and more.

This is what I would do step-by-step:

  • Build a smaller content site on CityAstronomy discussing space exploration, and other such topics related to the domain
  • Create silo categories such as Space Exploration, Startups & Companies, Spacing Mining, among others (do your research)

While nothing is guaranteed in this game, this strategy if done right, would lend itself to an excellent authority website in this space.

For monetization, affiliate revenues from space-related products (telescopes mostly) can be generated via Amazon Associates. Display ads would work well in this niche as an additional revenue stream. Over time though, I highly recommend creating a value-add newsletter sharing tidbits, news, findings, etc with the audience. In addition, digital products in this niche would do well, such as “How to Get Started in Space Observation” which can be a course or e-book from a hobbyist standpoint.

Plenty of opportunities in the space niche.

Server hosting is a lucrative and competitive niche. Therefore, starting on an aged domain is most likely the only way to go to get any traction. This domain is well branded and has the relevant backlink profile from technology sites to help the new site built on it to grow.

This is what I would do:

  • Recreate the category pages such as “Server Security”, “Dedicated Servers”, “Operting Systems”, etc. Place these categories into the URL slug.
  • Recreate the inner pages that had backlinks. You can use AHREFs -> Best By Links report to find these pages.
  • Add new content related to dedicated and VPS servers, tutorials on how to use different platforms (e.g., Cloudways, WPX), and informative guides (e.g., how to choose a provider, which features matter).
  • Add affiliate content after the site gets traction (e.g., buying guides of the best servers)
  • Monetization in this niche should be primarily done via affiliate programs of the hosting companies. Server companies pay $50-$100 per sale. Diluting the site with display ads would not be ideal as you would just give clicks away. You want to focus the clicks on the affiliate programs.

In short, a good and clean aged domain in a lucrative niche. If done right, this would do well financially.

Content and Monetization Strategy Matter

There you have it. Getting a premium aged domain up and running isn’t as hard as getting a new domain effective and visible on the web. The advices provided by Mushfiq are just the tip of the iceberg – you may have more ideas or strategies. One thing for sure, the strategy you choose and content you post will undeniable affect your domain’s success, so it’s crucial to make wise choices.

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